Update to our cancellation conditions

While some were not entirely pleased with the temporary legislative framework put into place by European governments, which allowed players in the tourism industry to offer a voucher rather than a refund when a cruise is cancelled due to Covid-19, an overwhelming majority of customers and the entire sector positively welcomed this exceptional measure to protect the tourism industry, our jobs, our businesses and, of course, our customers themselves... 

We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone—professionals and individuals—for your understanding and your many messages of support to deal with this unprecedented time. Rather than lowering the sails and staying in port, we are already hard at work developing charters for tomorrow which we hope will continue to provide you with enjoyment and discovery.

What happens next? 

We fully understand the concerns of our customers about the future health situation and their travel conditions. Our role is to guarantee you the most ideal booking conditions and increased security when traveling. This is why we are in the process of negotiating more favorable cancellation conditions with each of our partners. 

Each boat advertised with "flexible cancellation policy" benefits from exceptional, more flexible cancellation conditions for any reservation made from September 15, 2020 on these specific boats. These partners commit to reimbursing you for all amounts paid for your trip in the following cases:

  • If the borders of the host country or traveler are officially closed on the date of your cruise
  • If a minimum quarantine of 7 days is imposed upon returning from your vacation
  • If boating or non-essential travel is formally prohibited in the area where the boat charter starts or in the traveler’s place of residence on the date of departure

Be aware, however, that the obligation of a Covid-19 test before or after the trip will not be a sufficient condition to receive a refund. Similarly, any disruptions related to your transport are not valid conditions for a refund.
Only the country of the subscriber of the rental contract will be considered in the context of these updated cancellation conditions.

It is important to specify that the reimbursement of the sums paid will only be possible to the extent that all the other contractual conditions in place have been respected: signature of the charter contract, payment of the deposit, payment of the balance, etc.

However, depending on specific charter companies, additional conditions may apply in order for the charterer to benefit from a full refund. We advise all our clients to check with their GlobeSailor advisor before booking in order to know the exact cancellation conditions currently in place for their charter.

In the event that the forementioned "flexible cancellation policy" does not apply to an existing reservation, the standard cancellation conditions of our General Terms and conditions will apply (unless there is already a signed contract with the renter). To find the General T&C of our boat rentals, click here.

As a reminder: after your reservation on our site, the base manager or GlobeSailor’s partner will send you a charter contract. Be sure to read and accept the rental company's cancellation conditions. Only the terms and conditions of said rental contract and the legislation applicable to the latter govern the conditions for modifying and cancelling your reservation. GlobeSailor guarantees the implementation of the “flexible cancellation policy” even if the clause is absent from the owner's rental contract, as long as it is displayed with the reserved boat on our website.

We wish to inform you that we will do our best to help you set sail in the best possible conditions. The risk of the virus spreading at sea isolated among friends is minimal, and many attractive rates have been set up in all our destinations for this fall and winter. Don’t wait! Take the opportunity to get away and benefit from exceptional offers!

Once again, we would like to express our immense gratitude to our partners who are working with us to create a safer and more flexible experience during this unparalleled time.

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