Covid-19 Info

Dear boating friends,

I hope you and your loved ones are well. Parts of Europe and the world are starting to reopen, but let’s remain vigilant! As Victor Hugo once said, the sea is a place of freedom and rigor. Even more so today, it’s important that we maintain the rigour and discipline that is essential to see a continued reduction in the number of new virus cases. Let’s adopt as many barrier gestures and good hygiene measures as possible to stop the spread. Admittedly, the risks at sea are lower. However, the long-anticipated wind, isolation and fresh air should not make us forget the risks of transmission between crew members, during stopovers or during refuelling…

Here are a few articles dedicated to the unprecedented situation we are experiencing today and which will help you better understand the measures adopted by GlobeSailor: how we are managing your postponed/cancelled bookings, advice in case of illness on board, instructions for check-in, etc. Do not hesitate to read and share these practical articles with your fellow crew members!

Welcome back on the water and thank you for your trust and your many messages of support.

Olivier Albahary
CEO & Co-founder of GlobeSailor