Why should I book my yacht charter early?

There are some things in life which you can get away with leaving to the last minute… but when it comes to your next sailing holiday, you really cannot afford to leave it at the end of your list. There are numerous reasons why booking in advance and getting everything organized early is a very advisable option. This is the case whatever your budget, whether large or small, as boats of all sizes can quickly get booked up if you leave it too late. Book early and it gives you more time to dream and look forward to the day you will set sail!

Below are a few of the main advantages of booking your yacht charter early…

1) Secure your perfect boat


As the next sailing season approaches the more popular models and newer boats are quickly snapped up and it can be harder to find something to suit your needs. That’s why it is much better to begin planning your charter early so that you have as many boats and bases to choose from as possible!

If you know exactly what you want in terms of size or year of construction, you have specific requirements (cabins, air-conditioning, crew, bow thruster …), or if you simply would love to rent a
certain boat model, then you really should think about booking in advance to ensure you are not left disappointed!

The perfect boating holiday has a budget. No matter what your budget is, the earlier you book, the bigger chance you have of matching the right sailboat and the right budget! At GlobeSailor, we have great visibility regarding fleets around the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. We know availability and when things are starting to move faster. This enables each advisor to warn you and help you secure the perfect boat.


Best time to book in the Med – November to January/Feb 

Best time to book in the Caribbean – July to September


2) Benefit from early booking discounts and deals


It is often said that the early bird catches the worm, and that can be true when it comes to booking your next sailing trip in advance. Many renters offer considerable discounts, up to 10 or 20% if you book a boat in advance, and so there is a veritable financial incentive to get organized and plan your trip in advance.

But be warned, if you think that waiting to the last minute can get you great discounts too, this is often not the case, and in the more popular destinations there may not even be a boat left to book! Or you may not get a discount because there is so much last minute demand! Not only can it be hard to get a discount, but you will have to choose between older boats which may not correspond with what you are looking for (wrong number of cabins, too small, skipper mandatory…)


3) Cheaper and easier to book flights


You have found your dream boat, everything is planned, but then you go to book your flights and you realise they are either extremely expensive or completely sold out! This is even more difficult due to the Saturday to Saturday format of most yacht charters in the high season in the Med. Also it is necessary to bear in mind that for more remote destinations there may be very few flights per week and these may get booked many months in advance, leaving you with no way to reach the island of your choice. To avoid this headache, benefit from an early yacht charter booking, leaving you plenty of flexibility and choice of flights, perhaps even find tickets in an airline advance sale, overall saving yourself the stress and extra financial cost of a last-minute
panic. Everyone loves a good deal, and if you are lucky you can benefit from a great deal on both your charter and your flights by moving quickly!


4) Plenty of time to get advice and plan your itinerary

Now that the boat and flights are booked, you can begin to organise your holiday! Your base manager will have more time and be more flexible to advise you, help you plan your itinerary and organise the smaller details with you.

It is also important for you to prepare if you aren’t having a skipper: look at the maps, research the area and tourist spots, and plan a truly memorable holiday at your ease and in your own time. This is especially important for destinations which are further afield, such as Asia or the Indian Ocean which require a little more planning.

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