Be adventurous: Sail in Scandinavia and see the Northern Lights!

Want to charter a boat, sail in a unique and interesting place, escape the crowds and be truly at one with nature? Wish to take on a new adventure in 2017? Look no further than the lands of Scandinavia! Often overlooked as a cruising destination, this group of countries in Northern Europe offer breathtaking natural landscapes and beautiful sailing routes. Adam from the GlobeSailor team enjoyed a trip in Norway and brought us back some fantastic photos and exciting stories.

“Scandinavia is definitely worth a visit in both summer and winter,” says Adam, our Polish colleague. Judging by his photos this is obvious. But what are the main charms and attractions of Norway as a sailing region? Adam tells us all:

“With its vast coastline, a yacht charter in Norway offers a diverse, but also a challenging sailing experience For me this was exciting! Along the 3,000 km of coastline, you can really let off steam from Skagerrak and across the North Sea to Barent Sea. On the west coast there are incredibly beautiful fjords and an impressive ice landscape to explore.


As far as
getting there is concerned, it is very simple and stress-free. Fly to Oslo or you can also take a ferry from the UK or mainland Europe if you wish. I naturally preferred the latter.

Due to the vast size of the country, there are also gorgeous green expanses and landscapes alongside the many glaciers! The weather on the west coast is pleasantly mild thanks to the Gulf Stream. As well as navigating, hikes in the Norwegian highlands and fishing are also wonderful ways to spend your time. There is something to do for every nature lover!

Nothing tastes better than a Scandinavian salmon you have just caught yourself…


Although sometimes you might find starfish instead…



“Norway is absolutely perfect for a unique sailing trip, in a beautiful and above all tourist-free environment – sure to marvel any sailor.”

Adams Secret Tip:

– “The best sailing region, with some of the cleanest waters in Europe and a cove popular for spotting whales: charter a yacht in Lofoten.”

– “In the winter season, an absolute must: go in search of the Northern Lights”


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