Who we are?

GlobeSailor was founded back in 2008 by Olivier Albahary and Evgueni Kocheliaev. Today, GlobeSailor is a  registered travel agency specialising in sailing holidays, yacht charter and cabin cruises in more than 180 destinations around the world!

Our journey

Our services

Over the past 15 years we have developed our teams and our services to meet our clients needs. We’re now a registered travel agency providing assistance for land stays, hotel reservations, flights and personlized advice about itineraries – we now offer so much more than yacht rental!

Yacht Charter

Charter a sailing yacht and set sail for an island retreat, or visit vibrant coastal destinations. Decide your own itinerary and enjoy the freedom of the sea.

Cabin Cruises

Ideal for couples or solo travellers looking to discover sailing and the most stunning destinations, our cabin cruises offer the perfect way to uncover sailing cruises – no experience necessary!

Sailing Courses

If you’re eager to learn or perfect your skills on the water, join a professional trainer and fellow marine apprentices for a hands-on experience, to help you become more independent on the water.

Crewed and Luxury Yachts & Gulets

A private yacht charter offers the epitome of luxury and freedom aboard. Let your stresses melt away and relax on board while your captain and crew take care of the rest…

Adventure Cruises

Forget the ordinary! We invite you to explore some of our extraordinary cruises. From polar expeditions, to the mythical rivers of Senegal and safari cruises in southern Africa – set sail on a new adventure of wander and excitement.

River Cruises

Explore our itineraries of river cruises throughout Europe. There’s no license required for houseboat rental, yet you enjoy being at the helm and directing your own cruise.

• FREE Advantages

Each time you book with us you’ll have a selection of Advantages available to you – completely free of charge – to keep you up to date with the latest sailing news and assist you on your sailing vacation.

• Our team

We are an international team of more than 60 employees from all over the world. We have more than 40 Charter Experts who can assist you with every part of your cruise, from the research and reservation through to the cruise and any post-assistance you might need.

All of our team members are passionate about sailing and customer service. The recruitment of our team is based upon nautical knowledge & experience, work within tourism and customer services. So rest assured we know what we’re talking about.

Training is very important to us. Upon arrival in the company all of our employees learn about GlobeSailor’s history, our mission and our values. Our booking advisors are then introduced to our systems, ways of working and rental partners. We often organise Educational Fridays – these meetings present an opportunity to engage with renters and learn more about destinations and fleets, to make sure we stay up to date with the latest developments.

• Your Dedicated Personal Advisor

Once you begin your sailing project with us you will be dedicated a personal Charter Advisor who will guide you through the process. Don’t be afraid to ask us questions – we can help you with itineraries, land stays, hotel recommendations, and provide advice about travel policies, insurance waivers, etc.

• How we work with our partners

We only work with registered and certified partners. All our yachts and cruises are insured so you can have peace of mind that you’re in good hands.

In 2023 we introduced ‘Base internships’ into our training programme – this allows our Booking Advisors to spend one week with a partner, on location, to understand the layout and facilities of the port, view the fleet, and most importantly to experience our client’s journey when they arrive at base. This helps us understand and develop our processes with our partners.

• Attendance at Boat Shows and International Events

We like to stay up to speed with the developments and changes within the industry. That’s why we attend various International Events and Boat Shows. It allows us to meet our international partners, view the latest boat models, and visit the boats to understand the space available, cabin layouts, etc.

You can always find us at these annual events: La Rochelle Boat Show, Southampton Boat Show, Cannes Yacht Festival, Poland Boat Show, ICE.

Our offices

Our head office is based in Paris, in the heart of the 17th arrondissement.
We’re also lucky enough to have an office based in Brittany, located at La Base, Lorient. This is the heart of the Sailing Valley and the meeting place for ocean racing.

Our Commitment

We’re committed to the protection of our ocean, that’s why we’ve partnered with Surfrider Foundation Europe to raise awareness and support of their efforts towards a cleaner, safer ocean. For each booking that we receive, we donate €2 to support ocean preservation. Find out more here.

So now you know all about us, why not contact us and tell us about your next sailing project!