GlobeSailor’s commitment to ocean preservation with Surfrider Foundation Europe.

Each year, GlobeSailor organizes sailing holidays for more than 40,000 clients – who rent a boat, learn to sail, or embark on cabin cruises with us. It is therefore essential that, together, we limit our environmental impact as much as possible!

As yachtsmen, navigators, crew and nautical professionals, who love and depend on the sea, we must be the first ambassadors and protectors of our ocean and our coasts.

Through our partnership with Surfrider Foundation Europe, we hope to raise awareness of ecological issues related to the protection and preservation of marine ecosystems during our time at sea.

In addition, from the summer of 2023, GlobeSailor will be donating €2 per booking to the Surfrider Foundation to support their efforts towards a cleaner, safer ocean.

Surfrider Foundation Europe is a non-profit association whose purpose is to protect and showcase the importance of lakes, rivers, the ocean, waves, and coastlines. It currently has over 18,000 members and is active across 12 countries through its volunteer-run branches. 

For more than 30 years, Surfrider Foundation Europe has been taking action as a recognized authority in three areas of expertise: marine litter, water quality and public health, coastal development and climate change. 

Surfrider Foundation Europe organize and participate in waste collection, educational missions, scientific surveys, lobbies and political actions, pollution monitoring… there are many actions that many of us can contribute to, on our own scale.

For more information about Surfrider Foundation Europe and ways in which you can contribute as an individual or team, please visit the website.

The GlobeSailor CSR Team (Corporate Social Responsibility) is also making strides towards becoming more environmentally responsible both in and out of the workplace – adopting and promoting ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint.

All of our GlobeSailor clients will be informed of our upcoming independent and Surfrider Foundation Europe joint actions – within the Paris office and at our coastal bases in Lorient and La Rochelle, France. Please read our article about Responsible Sailing and adopt these ideas when you’re next on the water.

Thank you!