GlobeSailor team cruising in Croatia!

Last week we went sailing in Croatia; from island to island discovering the archipelago off the coast of Split. Sailing in Croatia in October is a wonder, with mild conditions and deserted bays, and prices are also more affordable because we’re no longer in high season. There was a dozen of us, and our partner, Ban Tours offered us a gorgeous Dufour 500 GL; perfect and spacious for a large group of people.

We sailed from the Marina of Kastela, which is about 15 minutes from the airport and not far from the town of Split (which we 100% recommend to visit!). Boarding is always on Saturdays in the late afternoon, followed by a laidback Sunday morning sail. On the first day we sailed to Okrug Gornji where we stopped for a night and spotted plankton under the starry night sky. On the second day we went to the island of Vis and moored in the harbour of the charming village of Komiza. In front of Komiza lies the small island of Bisevo, famous for the “Blue Cave”, a real cave that encloses a crystal-clear sea, which you can visit via motor boat with an onboard guide! The following day we drove to the north of the island of Vis to moor in mud in a lovely, wild area, one of many more secluded bays dotted around Croatia, perfect for those who want to dive in with nature, completely disconnected from earth distractions and the internet! After the night at work only stars and silence, we started our journey back to the base, stopping on the island of Hvar. We then arrived on Friday afternoon around 4 pm to the Kastela Marina to check out.

This 6-day itinerary was perfect, with a short, easy-going navigation, but you can adapt the route for your own trip if you have more time to spend exploring all the enchanting bays. If you are planning to rent a boat in Croatia for this summer, we recommend that you request quotes now to find great deals and more choices. Otherwise if you are a lover of last minute bookings you can book a boat now and enjoy sunny, seaside autumn! What are you waiting for?

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