What is a Gulet? and why you should book your next sailing holiday on a Gulet?

If you’re looking for a unique sailing holiday experience like no other, consider a Gulet charter. A Gulet is a type of boat that originated in Turkey. It is unique from other kinds of boats thanks to its broad beams and rounded stern. One of the most obvious differences between gulets and other types of boats is that a gulet is constructed using mostly wood. Allow us to showcase additional reasons why opting for a gulet charter should be at the top of your list.

What is a Gulet?

A gulet is a boat of Turkish origin, usually constructed in the Turkish coastal cities of either Marmaris or Bodrum. The transition from the use of a fishing boat to one of luxury cruising appears to have occurred in the 20th century. And by the 1970’s the designs of gulet’s were altered to accommodate more room for relaxation.

As the demand for gulet’s increased so did the number of shipyards constructing gulet’s. This increase in construction is what has allowed for gulet charters to become more affordable and led to a thriving gulet charter market.

Gulet cruises are commonly linked with Mediterranean destinations like Turkey, Greece, Montenegro, and Croatia. However, as their popularity has increased, so too has the variety of locations where one can charter a gulet. But a Mediterranean Gulet charter should be at the top of your to do list.

Why should I choose a Gulet?

There are two different options for you to choose from if you wish to book a gulet sailing holiday. The first option is a fully crewed private charter in which the itinerary of the trip is discussed between you and the Captain and your food requirements can be discussed with the on board chef.

The second option is a cabin gulet charter which follows a set itinerary and more of a set food menu but is cheaper in price.

Gulet charters are fully crewed, and the average crew ranges from between 3 and 5 members. meaning you can enjoy your gulet sailing holiday and leave the navigation and food preparation to someone else. So you can focus on having a good time with your family on the beautiful seas of Europe. The cost of the skipper and extra crewmates will be included in the price of your booking, so there are no hidden fees.

Having a great crew behind you can not only take the pressure off your shoulders but enhance your holiday experience altogether. The onboard chef is a member of the crew who will provide you with mouth watering food based on Mediterranean cuisine. Our gulet boats offer a luxurious experience with a mandatory half board meal plan and the option of a full board meal plan. This arrangement ensures that guests can enjoy a variety of delicious meals prepared by the on board chef to add maximum convenience and comfort to your sailing holiday.

The authentic taste of the country you will visit will allow you to feel closer to your destination. Also, your skipper’s local knowledge will allow him to inform you of the best anchorages to spend the night and help arrange onshore activities.

Another huge positive associated with gulet’s is the vast space you will have at your disposal while you’re on board. A gulet charter will gift you the opportunity to relax and sunbathe comfortably. Enjoy the opportunity to bask in the sunshine and socialize on the large deck area. Also, the dining areas on these boats are eloquently presented and quite spacious. So you can dine in style on the Mediterranean.

With the rise in popularity of Gulets as a form of luxury transportation, a variety of unique experiences have been made available to guests. GlobeSailor offers some incredible gulet cruises, such as a gulet cruise in Montenegro. During this cruise, you will discover the Bay of Kotor and the historic towns of Kotor and Budva, which are rich in both history and activities. GlobeSailor also provides a dream like Seychelles Gulet cruise. You can sail through islands that epitomize paradise on a century-old gulet, offering authentic experiences that include island hopping, underwater exploration, and Creole cuisine.

When you choose a gulet for your sailing holiday, you’ll get to enjoy a wide range of leisure equipment included on most modern gulets. From board games to canoes or kayaks, fishing gear, a barbecue, and snorkeling equipment, to ensure the fun never stops. So not only will you be exploring the stunning Mediterranean, but you’ll make lasting memories along the way.

(Here are two images of water skis that come with some of our gulet charters.)

Whether it’s on a cruise or a private charter, booking a gulet will provide you with memories for a lifetime. Enjoy socializing on the decks, tasty freshly prepared meals, and the vast amount of leisure activities that will make your gulet charter memorable.