Everything You Need to Know When Sailing in Zadar

It's not easy to take a picture in Zadar that doesn't look like a postcard. The lively city of Zadar is located on the northern part of Dalmatia and known for its unique mixture of Roman and Venetian ruins in the Old Town. Yet, it's also one of the coolest cities in Croatia because of the vibrant lifestyle. If you are sailing in Croatia, spend at least one week in Zadar, take your time to explore the lovely surrounding Islands and the city itself.

Why Should You Sail in Zadar?

Croatia has many fantastic routes for sailing, but the sailing itinerary from Zadar is among the most favored. Thanks to its location, the Eastern Mediterranean, the tidal range around Zadar is from 30 cm to 60 cm. Mooring is not tricky in the Zadar area, you can choose from marinas and free-swing anchorage. The waters in the Zadar area is a perfect sailing destination for newbies and also for those experienced sailors.

Getting There

The best and the easiest way to reach Zadar is by air. The Zadar Airport is approximately 11 Km from the city center, Croatia Airlines has flights to connect Zadar and Zagreb daily. Ryanair and Easyjet provide direct international flights to Zadar from many major cities in Europe, such as London, Milan, Berlin, Paris, and Brussels.

Unfortunately, the ferries from other parts of the Dalmatian coast to Zadar are very limited. Thus, it's recommended to charter a yacht at Zadar, so you can have more mobility to sail to neighboring islands Zapuntel, Veli Iž, Uvala Telašćica (Dugi Otok), etc.

When to Visit

The best period for sailing in Zadar is from May to August, but this is also the peak travel season. The Mediterranean climate promises dry and warm summer, the average temperature during this time is from 26 - 30°C, with winds of 10-20 Knots. But during this time, sailors need to be aware of the notorious Bura (a cold, violent gale from the North) and the Jugo (a robust and wet wind from the South bringing storms in the evenings).

Three Activities You Don't Want to Miss in Zadar

Island Hopping

Set sail from Zadar, after a pleasant sail of 14 nautical miles, you will arrive at a small island of Vrgada. This island with golden beaches and pine trees keeps everything as it was in the old times. Take the yacht you chartered at Zadar and sail to the next destination, Dugi Otok Island. The Mediterranean village of Sali will take you to travel back in time. Next, head to the famous Kornati Islands National Park, remember to buy a ticket to moor your yacht in this area of Kornati Islands. If you feel tired during this amazing island-hopping vacation, stop in a bay to unwind and go swimming or snorkeling.

At the end of the sailing journey, be sure to come back to Zadar in the late afternoon, pass by the Sea Organ and watch one of the best sunsets in the world.

Bask in the sun with the music by the Sea Organ

The Sea Organ is an experimental musical instrument that was built by a local architect Nikola Bašić. It performs beautiful melodies composed by the sea waves, thanks to the pipes with different sizes located underneath a set of giant marble steps. This marvelous engineering masterpiece is where all the locals and tourists go for a sunbath and swim while listening to the "Orchestra of Nature."

Watch the most beautiful sunset in the world

Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, at least Alfred Hitchcock said so. Whether it's true or not, the picture of the sun gently setting in the Adriatic Sea as the warm orange color paints a unique image in the sky, it's indeed an awe-inspiring, poetic moment to see.

Dine and Drink

The food scene at Zadar is fantastic, with options from Dalmatian cuisine to Italian and international taste. Yet, if you don't know what to eat, always go for the seafood, the real specialty of Zadar. Pet Bunara Dine&Wine serves excellent Dalmatian food since 1981, it's the top choice for local food in Zadar. Pet Bunara is also a great location to sip on Croatian wine.

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