The Big Fat Guide to Croatia’s Top Sailing Sites

Why sailing in Croatia?

Croatia is one of the best countries for sailing in Europe. This "Pearl of the Adriatic Sea" has over 1,200 islands but only 48 are inhabited. That leaves 1,137 of them in the state of primitive and waiting to be explored. Moreover, the long history of Croatia and different island sceneries never lets people down. Charter a yacht, sailboat, or a catamaran in Croatia and have an unforgettable sailing holiday.

Here are our top pick destinations in Croatia.

Split: Top 10 Things to Do in Split

As the second biggest city in Croatia and the largest one in Dalmatia, the fascinating city of Split is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. That's why life and culture here is totally infused by the sea. No matter if you stay on land or sailing in the turquoise waters, there are so many things to in Split.

Everything You Need to Know When Sailing in Zadar

It's not easy to take a picture in Zadar that doesn't look like a postcard. If you are sailing in Croatia, spend at least one week in Zadar, take your time to explore the lovely surrounding Islands and the city itself.

How to Spend 48 Hours in Dubrovnik

Follow our guide and make the best of your time in Dubrovnik! There are so many surprises for you to discover.

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