How to Spend 48 Hours in Dubrovnik


7am: A coffee at Bunić square

Croatians adore sipping a coffee while having a long chat with friends. Begin your day at a local cafe, pair the coffee with a freshly baked pastry, just like how the locals like it. Take your time to search for the coffee shops that are away from the main streets, one of the best places is on Bunić square behind the cathedral.

8am: Stroll on the city wall

Dubrovnik is a walled city. The majestic city wall is 1,940 meters long, and it has been protecting the city since the 12th Century. Because stones ware rare at the ancient time, so when they were constructing the reinforcement structure Minčeta Tower on the wall, each visitor must bring a rock with them to help finish building the tower. Begin your 2-hour climb at 8am when the ever-popular site just opens, to avoid the crowd of tourists and scorching heat during the noon.

10am: Get a bird-eye view of the city

Riding the cable car up to Mount Srđ is a must-do in Dubrovnik. Mount Srđ was a major military fort during the Croatian War of Independence, and now it serves its duty to give visitors a bird-eye view of Dubrovnik and the sizzling Adriatic Sea. You can either choose to dine in the elegant Restaurant Panorama for the best scenery or pack a picnic and enjoy the same picture on a budget.

3pm: Beach-hopping.

Spend your afternoon relaxing on Sveti Jakov, this superb golden beach with rocky hills is just 20 minutes from the center. Or head to Lapad, the large peninsula also not far from Dubrovnik. The locals flock to here for the numerous beaches. Copacabana, Cava and Uvala Bay are the 3 main beaches which are especially proper for kids, and you have all beach facilities available right there.

8pm: A cocktail on the cliff.

Buža I and Buža II claim they have the most beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea. It is fair to say that considering the two bars are situated right on the cliff, and visitors must walk through a cave to reach there. To make sure you have the best seat (or even a seat) to enjoy the magnificent sunset view at the bar, arrive 2 hours before the sunset time is a good guideline. The drinks here are obviously a bit pricier than you can get inside the walls, but hey, the view you get is priceless.


8am: Sail to the Lokrum Island

If you want to hide away from the city life a bit, charter a boat at Dubrovnik and sail to Lokrum Island. This route is among the most popular trips to take while visiting Dubrovnik. Pay a visit to the Botanical Garden on Lokrum, which was planted in the 19th Century. And watch peacocks and big rabbits freely roaming on the island, they were brought here more than hundreds of years ago. Keep in mind, some areas on Lokeum are for skinnydip lovers, so keep an eye on the FKK sign.

1pm: Wine tasting

Croatia's wine is an underrated treasure. Spend a whole afternoon tasting the wines is a fantastic way to enjoy your holiday. Not far from the old town of Dubrovnik, D'vino is a great place to try some of the best Croatian wines. Make sure also order the cheese&meat platters, it's an excellent company for the delicious wine. If you want to try something unique, there is an underwater cellar in Dubrovnik which added the taste of the sea to wine.

Navis Mysterium preserves their wine under the sea for 700 days before serving them to customers. They place the bottled wine and the amphora in an old sunken fishing boat that had been lying on the seabed for more than 30 years. Each bottle is unique, absorbed the essence of the Adriatic Sea, and formed a unique aroma.

4pm: Recreate your own medieval fantasy.

If you are not drunk after the wine tasting, go wander in the Old City of Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The narrow streets, stone walls will take you back to the medieval age in one second.

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