4 Ways to Make Your Sailing Holiday More Sustainable

GlobeSailor had a chance to speak with Kate Fortnam at the 2019 Southampton Boat Show. She shared some tips on minimizing your environmental impacts when you are out on the water. We are all aware of some marine environmental issues like plastics and wastes. However, there are way more things that we can do to make our navigations more eco-friendly and sustainable. From tips on packing for your sailing holiday, to how should you interact with wild animals, watch the full video below to learn more!

About The Green Blue

Established in 2005 by the Royal Yachting Association and British Marine, The Green Blue aims to encourage sustainable recreational sailing for a cleaner marine environment. As a national environmental consciousness program, they help to raise awareness of critical environmental issues, protect the marine and inland waters, safeguard wildlife and habitats. To learn more about what can you do to help to preserve the marine, check out their website.

About Kate Fortnam

Kate Fortnam is the Campaigner Manager at The Green Blue, the joint environment program created by the RYA & British Marine. She gave a speech at the 2019 Southampton Boat Show on How to safeguard your boating environment with good practice tips from The Green Blue.

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