The 10 Biggest Sailing Instagrammers Right Now

As a part of our sailing influencers series, GlobeSailor introduce you 10 of the most popular sailing Instagrammers that you should follow right now! Some of them also have their own Youtube channel and blog; you should check them out if you are interested in their lifestyles!

1. Kika & Dan @sailinguma

Kika and Dan sail an all-electric, 1972 Pearson 36. They refitted an old boat top to bottom and even built their own electric motor. Their goal is to sail around the world and one country at a time. So far, they have visited 22 countries and sailed 18,358 nautical miles. Join their adventure by following them on Instagram, Youtube, and their website.

2. The Qualified Captain @thequalifiedcaptain

If you are looking for a laugh, head to The Qualified Captain. All the posts on this page are boat related, and you will never want to see yourself on this page one day. Why? Follow the page and you will find out.

3. Gone With The Wynns @the_wynns

We’ve also mentioned The Wynns in the must-follow YouTuber article. They also have an inspiring Instagram page to document their trip around the world. Virtually join them for their epic adventure!

4. Malin and Johan @ransailing

Malin and Johan are a Swedish couple living on a boat, sailing the world and sharing the adventures on film. Their journey began in the middle of the Swedish winter in January 2016 on a 40-foot custom-built aluminum sailboat. There is no set route, and the couple will go where the wind and their minds take them. Malin and Johan want to share this sailing adventure with their followers and inspire them to live their dreams and to explore the world. 

5. Sailing Totem @sailingtotem

This family of 5 has been sailing for more than ten years, and they had just finished a circumnavigation in April 2018. If you are looking for some tips on traveling with kids, you can learn so much from them as they wrote a book on how to voyage with children. 

6. Ryan, Kelsey & Roo @abandoncomfort

Ryan and Kelsey are a cute couple who believe in consuming less and adventuring more. Their Instagram page inspires people for sailing ideas, as well as educate their followers that you can live comfortably without owning too many matirial things. And most importantly, it’s not expensive to live your dream.

7. Sailing Nandji-Bonita @sailing_nandji

Bonita, Yoshi, and their dog Marley are on their way for circumnavigating. Follow the Australian couples’ journey as they sail their boat Nandji across the seven seas, taking the followers to some of the most remote corners of the world. They have been offshore for almost two years, learning sailing and navigation as they go. 

8. Sailing La Vagabonde @elayna.carausu

We can’t leave out Elayna and Riley when we are talking about sailing influencers. This Austrilian couple and their newborn baby live on a boat and sail around the world. Now they have sailed over 60,000nm each across many oceans. Follow them on Instagram to catch up with their journey.

9. Jessie & Luke @jessiebrave

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This is @capt.grace. Detroit girl. Sailor chick. Tall ship captian. @americansailingassociation and @ltd_sailing_grenada instructor. She and her bestie @emilygazall reached out to @katiegirllllll and I years back because they had a dream of sailing @greatloopers. Funny thing is, these girls knew their shit. They didn’t need any help. Just a little boost from two chicks who somehow made it around with very little prior knowledge. Emily and Grace did the Great Loop in one year and a life changer it was – just as it was for Katie and I. Last night @capt.grace took us out on this beautiful tall ship in Traverse Bay. I learned about throats, belaying pins, and rat nests. She is ALSO participating in this years #sharethesailcroatia running one of the boats for @dreamyachtcharter. Yeah, she’s awesome. #tallshipsailing #tallships #traversebaycruising #traversebaysailing #traversebaytallship #latsandatts #latitudesandattitudes #womenatthehelm #womensailing #womenwhosail

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Jessie and Luke sometimes live and sail aboard a 37′ boat on the sea. They are on their way to accross the Atlantic Ocean Loop, and there is a beautiful, romantic story behind it. Jessie takes aesthetic photos and shares them on Instagram. It’s a pure joy to scroll through her Instagram page.

10. Liz Clark @captainlizclark

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Liz’s been sailing around the world for over ten years now. She’s a surfer, conservationist, and captain, and helps raise awareness on topics like climate change. 

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