Why Rent a Catamaran?

Catamarans are becoming increasingly popular and the boat manufacturers have doubled their efforts to produce much more comfortable and spacious (Lagoon, Fountaine Pajot) models to make the catamaran sailing available to everyone. Some however, prefer performance catamarans such as the Catana catamarans or TS 42 competition models that are trimmed for speed.

The catamarans tilts much less than the monohull sailboat, which will reassure the less experienced or the crew sensitive to seasickness.

Note that the low draft allows catamarans to approach closer to the coast and less accessible beaches to drop the anchor and swim in hidden coves away from the crowds.

In addition, catamarans are equipped with two engines, making them more powerful and easier to handle despite their size.

Some sailors opt for catamaran charter with skipper and hostess, to ensure maximum comfort and enjoy their holidays thanks to the advice and services of professional crew. Some catamarans are also chartered by cabin for one or two persons, with full board and a custom navigation program. Consult with our experts for more information for your catamaran cruise!

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