Tips for the Skipper


If you
decide to rent a boat without a skipper (bareboat) you
need a trusted and experienced captain. This is usually the one who, as a
connaisseur, will canvass the renters to reserve the boat for your cruise. The
captain must be an adult.

To rent a
, normally you need a valid license.  Depending on the destination you will
sometimes need to submit you Nautical CV
for the responsible person in the base to evaluate your
navigational skills and experience. In some destination as such as the Caribbean
your skills and experience are sufficient even without being in a possession of
a valid skipper’s license.  

Make sure
you are present at the place of embarkation at the right time and plan a little
bit in advance to conduct the methodical inventory of the boat.

Of course,
do not forget to check the weather forecast to have a clear vision of the
situation, even to tailor your cruise based on the weather conditions.


setting sail, make a little briefing with
your entire crew
, to make sure everyone knows the drill in case of danger
or man overboard. Your teammates will be able to be much more responsive and
useful in such situation. A good dialogue is essential to the success of your cruise
and good understanding among everyone.

It is best
to start by cruising a short sail downwind, to test the boat and check that
there are no surprises to indicate in the inventory.

It is
recommended that during your cruise, once completed the handover of the boat, going
as fast as possible to the furthest point to be able to return slowly and not
to be late at the return. It is also preferable to prepare a backup route and
shelter in case of sudden damage.

Do not
forget to warn the port or to call to reserve a place.

If you are
sailing with a novice crew, choose a less difficult route.

For summer
evenings it’s best to use a gas lamps to
light the boat
, you will avoid consuming the batteries. Do not forget to turn them off after use!!!

Make good planning
for night shifts, explaining beforehand what to do well. Make sure your
teammates are not too tired and that they are comfortable with night
navigation. Anyhow, you will sleep with “one eye open”.

Finally, do
not forget to update your logbook accordingly which is mandatory and represents
an official document.


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