Which boat should I charter for my sailing holiday?

Before navigating in the most beautiful oceans of the
world, and setting sail for the 4 corners of the globe, you need to first rent
a boat! Maybe it’s your first time chartering a boat, and you can’t decide
between a sailboat, a catamaran or a motor boat? Don’t panic, the GlobeSailor
is here to help!


To find your perfect boat, you need to think clearly
about your needs. The choice between renting a sailboat, a catamaran, a motor
boat, a gulet or a yacht depends on your sailing experience, your departure base
and sailing route, the length of your trip, your crew (family, friends), your
preferences (a challenging or relaxing sail) and of course your budget. Also
think about how you are going to use the boat, to determine the size,
facilities, layout and what level of comfort you would like! To help you in
your search, the GlobeSailor will explore in detail each type of boat…

Rent a Sailboat:
stay within budget!


If you like navigating under sails, tacking, steering
under winds of 20 knots or hardening the sheet? Then a sailboat is perfect for
you! For a keen sailor, renting a sailboat is the ideal choice, to enjoy the
pleasure of sailing according to the winds and currents.

There is a huge variety of different sailboats to
choose from, depending on their specifications and your sailing preferences. A performance
sailboat is best for deep waters. A sailboat with a weaker draught is ideal for
setting off from an island, or for mooring close to the shoreline. As for
comfort and space, this will depend on the individual boat.

In terms of pricing, renting a sailboat is generally
more affordable than a catamaran or a motor boat. Also, refueling and marina
fees are also notably more reasonable. Budget around 300 euros per person for a
week in high season.

Some of our favourites : Bavaria 50 Cruiser,
l’Oceanis 38 and the Sun Fast 3600

2.       Rent a catamaran: guaranteed comfort!


Catamaran charter is becoming more and more popular. The most well known
multi-hull boats attract sailors thanks to their comfort and excellent living
spaces! The stability of this type of boat is also ideal for anyone who is a
little afraid of the sea…

Choose your catamaran according to your sailing
experience. If you are a novice you will need a skipper for your charter. Also
think carefully about the living spaces on board, to make sure you please the whole
family! The trampoline at the front of the boat will provide hours of fun for
your little ones!

Budget around 550 euros per person to charter a
catamaran in high season. Some catamarans also have a convertible saloon which
can accommodate a further one or two people. There is also the option of hiring
a professional skipper or enjoying a cabin charter.

Some of our favourites: Bali 4.0, Helia 44, Catana 42

3.       Rent
a motor boat: enjoy an easy cruise


Renting a motor boat guarantees an easy cruise, in complete freedom,
without the constraints of the winds and currents. Fast and comfortable, this
boat will allow you to fly along the coastline and leave others in your wake.

There is a large choice of motor boats available, from semi-rigid for an
afternoon of water skiing, to a motor catamaran perfect for a family cruise.
However you must have a coastal skipper licence, if not you will have to employ
a professional skipper.

For a week long motor boat rental in high season, budget around 600 euros
per person. However also keep in mind the cost of refueling to avoid any nasty
surprises later on!

Some of our favourites:
Prestige 42, Summerland 40, Monte Carlo 37

4.       Rent
a gulet: a unique experience 


Renting a gulet guarantees an unforgettable cruise ! Secure and
comfortable, gulets are spacious wooden boats with one or two masts which
combine the benefits of a sail and motor boat.

When choosing your perfect gulet, the amount of space, the facilities and
comfort on board are the most important factors. Each gulet has from 4 to 8
cabins, and the most luxurious might have an ensuite or air conditioning. Ideal
for groups of friends or large families.

In terms of price, renting a gulet will cost around 450 euros per person.
It is important to note that crew is always included in the price of a gulet
rental, and it is sometimes possible to rent a single cabin on board.

Some of our favourites: Patronice, Smart Spirit and

5.  Rent a yacht : the ultimate


 Everyone dreams of renting a yacht! A powerful motor, comfort, elegance,
sophistication…These top-of-the-range boats offer a unique experience, in
complete luxury and relaxation. Dock in the most exclusive ports and enjoy the crème
de la crème of pleasure boats.

There are yachts of all different sizes, and varying specifications.
It is just up to you to choose what you would like to have on board; jet-ski,
paddle board, wind surf, games console… Your yacht will be the perfect boat to
relax on, enjoy water sports and explore the coastline! The best places to
enjoy a yacht charter: Cannes and Monaco on the beautiful French Riviera!

In terms of cost, normally you must add on an extra 15
to 20% of the total rental price to allow for APA (Advance Provisioning
Allowance) to pay for meals, port fees and refueling…

Some of our favourites: Prédator 92, Aicon 72 and Absolute
70 !

For each of these types of
boat, you can benefit from the services of a skipper, during the check in
process, or the full duration of your trip. The perfect opportunity to improve
your sailing skills, whilst knowing you are always in safe hands. You can also
relax and enjoy the services of a hostess and chef to ensure a completely
stress free holiday!

Ready to set sail?

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