Where to Sail in Croatia?

Croatia is a beautiful Mediterranean country that has a lot to offer to sailing enthusiasts. The Adriatic Sea has more than 1,300 islands, mostly located along the Croatian coastline. As there are so many islands and a variety of impressive coastal towns to discover, take some time to plan your itinerary in advance. In this article, we will give you a couple of Croatian itineraries that you might want to keep in mind while planning your yacht or catamaran charter there.

The geography of Croatia

There are 3 historical regions in mainland Croatia with coastline along the Adriatic Sea: Istria (green), Croatia Proper/Central Croatia (red) and Dalmatia (blue). Each of those areas offers unique sailing conditions and attractions.
Istria is the largest peninsula within the Adriatic Sea, which Croatia shares with Italy and Slovenia. It has a long coastline with both small and large towns which you can explore, but also some small islands and hidden coves, which are perfect for tranquil anchorages. Kvarner Gulf is the best place for island hopping and Dalmatia can be a perfect starting point to visit Montenegro.

If you wish to learn more about Croatian islands, please read our dedicated blog article.

Top Sailing Areas

Kornati National Park

This is one of the largest parks in Croatia. It is located in the northern part of Dalmatia, south of Zadar and west of Šibenik. It consists of 109 large and small islands and is considered to be the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean region.
The park is the main snorkelling and scuba diving spot in Croatia. The Kornati has over 350 species of algae and 850 animal species! Also, a unique species of underwater flower plants can be found here.

Brijuni Islands National Park

Brijuni is a group of fourteen small islands, located in the Istria region of Croatia in the northern Adriatic Sea. Some of the islands have ruins of ancient Roman settlements which date back to the 6th and even 5th century. St. Mary’s Basilica, a three-nave church has been preserved so well that it is close to its original form.
There are many other attractions on the Brijuni islands for example a park with the oldest Mediterranean olive trees, a safari park and dinosaur footprints which are 130-100 million years old.

Lim Bay and Valley

The Lim bay, often called by Croatians the Lim channel due to its narrow width, is located just near Rovinj and Vrsar on the western coast of Istria, south of Poreč. It is one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean. The sides of the channel rise up to 150m.
The Lim channel is a natural breeding ground for many fishes, sea plants and oysters. For that reason, this site would be particularly interesting for snorkelling, diving and fishing. Fish and oyster farms are extremely popular in this region. You can try delicious, fresh seafood in local restaurants.


We have listed just a few of the numerous spectacular sailing areas in Croatia. And trust us, there’s much more to explore! Have a look at other inspirational GlobeSailor itineraries and yacht charters in Croatia on our website. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our advisors if you need help with planning your itinerary.

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