Where to Next? A Guide to Your Next Sailing Destination

The beauty of a yacht charter is you can go anywhere, do anything, and meet anyone.  But that can also make it one of the most daunting holidays as you have no idea where to start.  With that in mind, here is a list of some of the best and some lesser-known destinations we think will suit the type of holiday you are looking for – be it an exploration of iconic coastline, journeying through the most intriguing historical cities, or looking to escape to paradise.  Not only that, but we have also organised each destination based on their prices meaning you can choose which destination suits your budget!

Looking for History?  Try … 

1. Yacht Charter in Brittany – Starting from €280

Our low-budget option certainly packs a punch when it comes to fascinating historical significance for the whole of France and indeed the British Isles.  Initially heavily influenced by Celtic and Roman civilisations and architecture, Brittany grew into one of the most beautiful regions of France.  It really is remarkable to visit the impressive megalithic sites which still stand today, complimenting the rugged Atlantic coastline.  Even better are the vast array of castles which punctuate the greenery for which this area of France is renowned.  And don’t forget to try the famous crepes of Brittany in Dinan - one of the quaintest villages in Europe.

2. Yacht Charter in Cyprus - starting from €2500

One of our newest destinations, this is the definition of a sailing paradise.  Not only is it home to golden beaches, year-round enviable sunshine and some of the most beautiful diving sites in the Mediterranean, but it is also a region shaped by an array of European civilisations and influences.  UNESCO World Heritage site the Tomb of Kings is a particular highlight, as is Kourion, an ancient theatre with the jaw-dropping backdrop of the turquoise blue ocean.  Exploring and discovering Cyprus in the exquisite sunshine is definitely something to add to the bucket list.

3. Yacht Charter in Annapolis – starting from €2590

Let’s travel to the other side of the Atlantic to America’s Sailing Capital.  You won’t find any ancient civilisations here, but the region is steeped in pivotal American history as it was even the capital of the United States for a brief period!  This is the perfect destination for those looking to combine exquisite sailing conditions with astonishing historical landmarks, such as Maryland State House and William Paca House and Garden.  It is also home to some of the most succulent seafood dishes on the east coast of the USA.

Looking for a Quiet Haven?  Try...

1. Yacht Charter in Madagascar - starting from €1710

This one might be a bit of a surprise, and maybe you have never considered it a sailing destination before – but you should.  This iconic African island is filled with unique, memorable landscapes and coastlines.  While the capital of Antananarivo may not be the quietest, journey throughout the diverse natural parks and waterways to discover why this island is one of the most iconic in the world.  Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park is probably one of the most astonishing destinations you could visit thanks to the intimidating rugged plateaus of limestone interrupted by cascading crevices – something not to be missed.  And fancy some relaxation?  Head to Nosy Be on Sundays for a quiet sunbathe during the day, and a vibey beach party at night.

2. Yacht Charter in Anacortes – starting from €2005

The Pacific North West region in North America is renowned for its cinematic landscapes and truly remarkable wildlife.  Anacortes is the epitome of a sailing town, with a real sense of community and a strong passion for the outdoors.  What’s great about this town is the fact it is much drier on average than nearby rainy Seattle, meaning you get the ideal sailing conditions in a much quieter and more secluded corner of the Salish Sea.  Natural parks are abundant here meaning you can explore the countryside and be at one with nature – and what sounds better than that?

3. Yacht Charter in Baltimore, Cork – starting from €4000

Okay, we all know Ireland is not famous for its weather, but that does not mean it should be skipped for a sailing holiday.  In fact, Baltimore is a breathtaking corner of Ireland with unforgettable green landscapes and dramatic cliff faces.  Benefit from the serenity that Ireland offers, an escape from swarms of tourists in popular sailing destinations.  Situated towards the end of the Wild Atlantic Way tourist route, Baltimore is a hidden gem that is nothing short of perfection. Keep an eye out for Fastnet Rock Lighthouse  - the impressive feat of structural engineering is known amongst mariners across the world.





Looking for a party?  Try...


1. Yacht Charter in Dubrovnik – starting from €570

After a tough year in lockdown, maybe the first thing you are looking for once things return to normal is a vibrant social scene.  Look no further than this picturesque city in Croatia, where some of the most unusual and distinctive nightclubs provide hours of entertainment.  Croatia is surging in popularity in the sailing world, and this is a prime location for those looking to sail the seas at day and scale the dance floor at night.  Plenty of pubs and some really special clubs render Dubrovnik a hub for nights out.  Even better is the party at Copacabana Beach which is lined with luxurious beach loungers.

2. Yacht Charter in Tahiti – starting from €2325

Let’s not mistake this small island as a purely isolated corner of paradise – this famous island of French Polynesia knows how to throw a party.  Here there is a perfect mix of western influence on the beautiful traditional music and dance of Tahitian people.  Several shoreline bars offer relaxing atmospheres with stunning vistas of the ocean, and there are a range of clubs big and small perfect for a drink and a dance with your friends.  Some of the best social settings in Tahiti are in the delectable restaurants and terraces, where great food combined with great music and service are sure to impress.



Fort Lauderdale

3. Yacht Charter in Fort Lauderdale – starting from €3200

Two words: Sand Bar.  Fort Lauderdale is the party place of Florida, whether on land or at sea.  Its popularity is warranted thanks to the stunning sunshine, tropical water and extremely fun party scene.  This place has something for anyone and everyone.  An extensive range of bars, clubs, and taverns are sure to keep you dancing all night long.  And the sandbars?  The perfect place to dock your boat, have a drink and meet people from all over.

There we have it - a range of famous sailing hotspots and hidden coastal gems that are sure to cater to any need you may have.  Of course, there are a host of other sailing destinations available worldwide through our website, so if you have not found what you are looking for don't be disheartened!  Click here to find the right place for you.