Top 10 best destinations to anchor in the Mediterranean Sea

When you’re sailing the calm, clear waters of the Mediterranean on your yacht charter, nothing beats finding the perfect anchoring spot to end your day on a blissful Mediterranean sailing holiday.

We have compiled a list of our favorite anchoring locations from across the Mediterranean Sea to help you choose your resting spot.

1. Sardinia, Italy

Explore the enchanting island of Sardinia, with golden sands, turquoise waters and ancient vineyards. Make the most of your Italian sailing holiday by anchoring at this paradise island. Sardinia’s natural beauty is bound to transform your yacht charter holiday into a memorable experience.

Passagio Della Pelosa

Some boaters describe this anchorage as the best anchorage in the Mediterranean and it is quite understandable as it’s perfectly placed to benefit from protection from the north, south and west winds. It’s location also benefits those who are need of a supply stop as the town of Stintino is just a few kilometers away with shops and restaurants.

Portu Palma Caprera

Relax for the night in the sheltered and tranquil Portu Palma Caprera in the north of Sardinia. The anchorage is sheltered from all prevailing winds and a nice quiet location for you to catch some z’s after a day sailing the Mediterranean sea.

2. Santorini, Greece

Ah, Santorini a jewel tucked away in the Aegean Sea will welcome you with the infamous whitewashed architecture of the island and azure waters. Let Santorini take your breath away by anchoring here on your Greek sailing holiday.

Ormos Nikolaos

Ormos Nikolaos is the perfect bay to anchor in Santorini, as although the island’s huge number of tourists, this bay offers a quiet and welcoming haven. Ormos Nikolaos benefits from a perfect protection score from various winds as well as regular shuttle bus to nearby towns.

To begin your voyage across the Mediterranean Sea and reach Ormos Nikolaos, set sail from Santorini.


Akrotiriou has been described by boaters as the ideal starting point for exploring Santorini. There is so much to see in the surrounding area including  Oia Fira, Faros and Pyrgos.

There is several amenities in the vicinity to enhance your stay in sunny Santorini, some include a bus to Thira every hour for the price of two euros and a Lidl within walking distance to refuel as you embark on your Mediterranean get away.

3. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is well known for it’s vibrant party life, great weather and stunning beaches. If you wish to begin your yacht charter with a burst of energy, Ibiza’s nightlife, hidden caves and majestic cliffs is unmatched and a necessary stop along the Balearic Islands.

Setting sail from Ibiza gives you endless options for further stops on your yacht charter adventure.

Cala de Portinatx

Located on the north coast of Ibiza, Cala de Portinatx is one of the most popular anchorages on the Mediterranean, and one of the reasons for this is its excellent wind protection. The natural bay in which the anchorage is situated offers protection from the west to east winds from the south.

Turquoise waters, easy and well-protected anchorage, access to several amenities including 3 shuttles per day which will take you to Ibiza in one hour, for those who wish to visit the mythical city that gave its name to the island!

Club Nàutic Sant Antoni de Portmany

Located in the east of the island of Ibiza lies Club Nàutic Sant Antoni de Portmany, one of the finest anchorages on the Balearic Islands. It is very close to a nearby town, where tourists enjoy the infamous Ibiza parties and nightlife. Despite the proximity to party destinations, Club Nautic is renowned for it’s clean facilities.

If you want to party until the early hours of the morning on your Mediterranean yacht charter anchoring in Club Nàutic Sant Antoni de Portmany is ideal.

4. Turkish Riviera, Turkey

Stretching along the South-Western coast of Turkey is the Turkish Riviera which offers boaters some of the most stunning anchoring points across Europe. Ancient ruins, crystal clear waters and beautiful villages make it an incredible anchoring point.

You can sail, all the way along the beautiful Riviera by setting sail from Gocek, a small town which is infamous for yacht tourism. Preserving the beauty of the landscape is a priority to Gocek which banned high rise buildings.

Göbün Koyu

Göbün Koyu is an anchorage on the tail of the Turkish mainland, is an excellent anchoring spot for smaller boats. Within walking distance lies Roman ruins and also climbable hills to offer an unforgettable hike for a view of Gocek Bay. For smaller boats Gobun Koyu is the ideal anchoring point on your Mediterranean sailing holiday.

Akvaryum Koyu

Sail from Fethiye, and witness the magnificent crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. There is extremely helpful staff who will help you moor your boat and also there is a shuttle bus that takes you to the local restaurant. For adrenaline junkies, Akvaryum Koyu offers a paragliding experience that will make give your sailing holiday a burst of energy like no other.

5. Crete, Greece

The sun kissed shores of Crete showcase perfectly the beauty of the Greek Islands. Set sail from Crete’s ports of Chania or Heraklion and dive into the rich history and vibrant culture of one of Greece’s finest islands. For our active boaters and those who adore nature, Crete boasts rugged mountains and stunning valleys.

Balí, Crete

Balí offers a beautiful bay well protected from winds coming from west, east and south to give you a spot to relax not interrupted by the elements. Although the beaches are busy with tourists during the summer time, they remained well stocked with toys for children to enjoy on the beach. It’s ideal location remains only a short walk away to a small village with a shop and ATM. Your yacht charter holiday in Greece wouldn’t be complete without wondering the biggest island of Greece.

Paralia Panormos

Paralia Panormos is quite close to Balí, so it’s in a magnificent location on a beautiful island. Super close by is a series of supermarkets, bars and hairdressers that will allow you to refuel and relax. This anchorage is surrounded by natural beauty unspoiled from the extreme tourism that other parts of Crete suffer from. You can also endeavor on a boat trip that brings you into a cave and allows you to dive into the warm waters of the Mediterranean.

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