Snorkeling: Top activity to try while sailing!

Have you always dreamt of diving into the ocean and discovering the incredible underwater world which lies below? Well it might be easier than you realise, as very often our rental boats have snorkeling gear on board, sometimes even air cylinders, so you are ready to get going! There really is nothing better than snorkeling and the privileged view it gives you, to explore the incredible underwater landscape.

Why try snorkeling?

Snorkeling normally consists of swimming along the surface of the water and breathing with the help of a snorkel. It is also possible to go underwater completely to see the seabed in even better detail, but of course you should keep in mind your swimming abilities.

Relaxing and fun, snorkeling is the perfect water sport as you need no experience or training except knowing how to swim! What’s more, snorkeling equipment is affordable and easy to get your hands on compared to other underwater water sports such as diving.

You can give snorkeling a go in almost all the temperate and warm oceans of the world. It is the perfect way to learn more about the underwater world and its many amazing landscapes and creatures.

What equipment do I need?

Snorkeling equipment is quite simple and basic. You will find some on most rental boats and cabin cruises, however if you want to really get into snorkeling you should think about getting your own gear. A simple mask with a large field of vision, preferably silicone, a snorkel with a valve to avoid water getting in, and finally a pair of flippers – and just like that you will be a real snorkeler!

Whether you choose to buy your own or borrow them, it is important to use a mask and a snorkel which are comfortable, and the mask should fit your face well. If you have troubles with your vision, it is possible to buy masks with corrective lenses so that you can enjoy this underwater experience too!

In order to protect yourself from the sun, we recommend that you wear a UV top (a rashguard). And if you are more sensitive or conscious about the sun, then you can wear a wetsuit or UV suit. To look after your gear you might want to buy a waterproof, drawstring bag. Lastly, make sure to be aware of signs and warnings on shore and pay attention to the buoys, to make sure you enjoy a safe and enjoyable snorkel and avoid any accidents.


Top Tips and Advice

– If you are not a great swimmer, then avoid going too far away from the boat and check often to see where you are.

– Just as with all sports hydration is important; make sure you drink water regularly.

– Choose the right location (calm, not too deep, clear waters) and go snorkeling on a warm and sunny day, swimming at comfortable pace for your fitness levels.

– You might consider getting a local guide who can tell you about all the different types of coral and species of fish.

– Learn how to use all of your equipment: know how to get rid of water which gets into your snorkel, fit your mask properly to ensure a tight fit and avoid water getting in.

– Don’t forget your suncream/sun protection!

– Do not touch or destroy the sea beds or coral reefs.

– Enjoy snorkeling with others for safety and extra fun!


There you have it! Now you know all there is to know about snorkeling!

Are you ready to jump in and discover the underwater world whilst on your sailing holiday or cruise?

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