RYA Theory Courses Online

Day Skipper | Yachtmaster Offshore | Yatchmaster Ocean

Passing an RYA exam is a great way to get your sailing knowledge and skills certified through a worldwide recognised organisation. In order to be ready for these exams, being well-trained is essential. That is why GlobeSailor can offer you 4 options for RYA recognised online theory trainings – according to which diploma you are interested in – that will be perfect to complete your actual sailing expertise as a skipper and prepare you for the exam.

Here are the 4 possible trainings :

Day Skipper

Choose this option if you wish to get the knowledge to skipper sailing or motor yachts, including charter vessels, on coastal cruises in all countries that require certification.


This option is for you if you are already an experienced skipper and wish to get further certification in order to be allowed to skipper a boat as far as 150 miles from harbour, up to 200GRT, or if you wish to apply for a MCA Master 200 Oral Examination.

Fasttrack Yachtmaster

This offer is a combined Day Skipper & Yachtmaster online theory training, with both sets of exams included and RYA Course Completion Certificates.

Yachtmaster Ocean


This is the most advanced course which allows a skipper to navigate in all parts of the world. It includes astro-navigation, meteorology, passage planning, water and victuals and organising the watch-keeping routine.

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