New Boats 2020/2021


Even though 2020 has been a rough year, the shipyards haven’t stopped delivering. Let’s check out some of the newest boats on the market!

How’s the boating industry doing right now? Well 2020 certainly hasn’t been an easy year for most, but shipyards are continuing to cross the ford to pursue their objectives anyways. And when we talk about objectives for a shipyard, it means talking about their new boats specifically. Even in a challenging year like this, there will be plenty of new boats on the market—ideally launched this autumn! Some were on display at the Genoa Boat Show, others will arrive in the following weeks and months, or even at the beginning of 2021. Here are the latest boats to keep an eye on for those who are thinking about either buying or chartering. In fact, some of these will even be added to the charter fleets of our various partner companies. So, let's go look at some of the main new arrivals coming soon!

ECO PRIMUS - 2,42m

Will the Eco Primus be a new kind of Optimist? It's still too soon to say, but the proposal from the Northern Light Composites startup is definitely interesting. This dinghy is made entirely from 100% natural materials. Constructed from a natural fiber core and a new type of resin exterior that can be separated from its fiber interior, this boat is completely recyclable at the end of its life, making it super eco-friendly!

BAVARIA C38 - 11,38m

This new 38-footer is the younger sister of the C42 and bears the signature style of the Italian studio Cossutti Design. As a higher performing boat than the traditional Bavaria, equipped with a special V-shaped hull with stern edges, it aims to maximize the internal capacity through design measures that also improve comfort when sailing—especially in strong winds. This vessel is also ideal for chartering.

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BAVARIA C42 - 12,90m

This boat represents the welcoming of a new era for the German giant. Presented at the BOOT in Dusseldorf, it’s now ready for its debut in the Mediterranean. Not only designed for charter, but also for typical shipowner use, Cossutti Design has created this boat with a V-shaped hull that guarantees a spacious interior and, above all, a comfortable journey. In addition to this, it’s combined with dinghies and a sail plan that aim for better performance, too.

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DEHLER 38 SQ - 11,64m

Now presenting the new edition of an already successful boat, the Dehler 38, which has now been updated. It has just been released in the new SQ version, which stands for "Speed and Quality," a concept that has always been very dear to the German shipyard. The main differences compared to the predecessor are in the overall look and in the varying details of the exterior, as well as the wider range of customizations available.

OCEANIS 40.1 - 12,87m

The giant Beneteau is focusing heavily on the renewal of the Oceanis range, and the new 40.1 is part of this process. This boat has the same hull as the Sun Odyssey 410 (the Jeanneau brand is part of the Beneteau group). Marc Lombard and Nauta Design have created this exciting new project that will be available in various versions differing in terms of rigging, dinhgies, and interior layouts—depending on the use and customization you want, of course. This boat was designed for the world of yacht charter!

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OCEANIS YACHT 54 - 15,98m

Another "recycling" style operation for Beneteau, the Oceanis Yacht 54 was born from the hull of the First Yacht 53 and conceived by Roberto Biscontini, with the deck and interior by Lorenzo Argento. It differs from the First 53 in rigging, keel (has a more contained draught), and cockpit organization, making it totally functional for both chartering and high-performance sailing. The near total coverage of the external living area stands out as well.

GRAND SOLEIL 44 - 13,40m

With the help of designer Matteo Polli, the new Grand Soleil 44-footer aims to bring the Italian yard back to the regatta podiums. A boat with a strong sporting soul that doesn’t detract from classic sailing features, it’s now available in a performance version for those who want to enjoy both racing and leisurely cruising.

ITALIA YACHTS 14,98 - 14,55m

It aims to be the perfectly balanced choice of Italia Yachts, encompassing both the victories of racing and the comforts of sailing all in one boat. Cossutti studio has been entrusted with this challenge, with the goal of designing a project that redefines the contours of the modern performance sailboat concept.

Mylius 50 - 15,60m

The Italian shipyard specializing in custom and semi-custom sports sailboats has rethought the Mylius 50, which has been one of the most successful in its history. The new 50 will retrace the DNA of its predecessor, which is an incredibly high-performance boat on the racing field as well as a comfortable sailboat, with a completely new look that aligns perfectly with the times. It won’t be the only Mylius novelty to look out for in 2020/2021, as there is also the Mylius 72 RS just on the horizon.

SWAN 98 - 29,60m

Nautor's Swan, the Finnish shipyard with Italian management, announced some time ago the renewal of their maxi range, and the time has come for the first release! The Swan 98 was designed by German Frers with Misa Poggi's interior. A real semi-custom that, with its customization options (keel, sail plan, interiors, maneuvers, etc…), can become a sports racer for regattas or a round-the-world boat depending on the owner's taste.

SOLARIS 111 - 33,77m

2020 is a season filled with great news for the Aquileia shipyard, who has officially launched the first super yacht in its history. Alongside this, it has also introduced some other innovations such as a new entry-level class of the series, the Solaris 40. The 111 is this shipyard's flagship that once again bears the signature style of the eclectic Soto Acebal. As a blue water cruiser with fun performance abilities, it’s excellent for a classic Mediterranean regatta.

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