GS take on the Vendée Globe  …

The start of the 8th edition of the renowned Vendée
 race will provide the backdrop for a titanic meeting between a legendary
boat (Kriter VIII) and a dream crew: the GlobeSailor team!


Team building at the Vendée
Globe onboard a race boat

We are a crew of 20. 20
GlobeSailor team members who work hard 5 days a week to ensure you enjoy the
best sailing holiday possible, but also 20 keen sailors, crazy about the sea,
boats, travelling and adventure! This year we want to find out what we’re
really made of, put our team to the test; soaked to the skin, tilted by 45° at close-hauled, and in full force of the waves. During this
team-building weekend we are going to let our hair down, get our sailing gear
on and tack on this legendary racing boat.


Malinovsky’s ‘Big Cigar’

The Kriter VIII is a truly unique and amazing boat: in the shape of a crayon, or
rocket, with its thin, streamlined form it looks more like a surfboard than a
boat ! The GlobeSailor team will set sail on this longboard, bedecked with
over 400m2 of sail: sure to go very fast! A huge thank you to Cap au Cap
rental, one of our partners in La Rochelle who helped make this special weekend
get-together possible!


Departure: 6.11.2016 at 13h02

So this weekend 29 extreme skippers and sailors will
take to the water for the 8th edition of the Vendée Globe! If you are glued
to your screens, or lucky enough to be at Sables d’Olonne this Sunday, then
watch out for a long blue crayon with 20 little people bobbing about onboard –
it’ll be the GlobeSailor team! Amongst all the majestic race boats setting
off from the starting line, we’ll be the long blue sausage!



Follow our adventures onboard the Kriter VIII and the
start of the Vendée Globe on our Facebook and Instagram!

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