Cabin Cruise: Discover a new way to explore the world this summer!

As the weather is still grey and a little miserable, I’m sure like us your thoughts can’t help but turn towards summer and daydreams of sun, sea and sand. Where will you explore this summer? Will it be on board a boat, staying in a villa or hotel, or perhaps a cabin cruise? The perfect mix of sailing and an all inclusive package holiday – isn’t it time you considered trying a GlobeSailor cabin charter?
Allow us to answer any queries you may have, and reveal the top reasons why a cabin cruise is best new way to explore the world.

What exactly is a cabin cruise/charter?

In contrast to a yacht charter, with a cabin charter holiday, usually larger catamarans or gulets are used and the 4-5 cabins on board are rented out separately to couples or single passengers. Unlike a traditional cruise on a large ship, you will be on board with only a handful of other passengers. A captain and sometimes a skipper or deck hand will be in control of the boat and manoeuvering, whilst a hostess/cook will be onboard to prepare your meals and clean the boat.
It allows you to experience the joy of sailing and exploring new places by sea whether you have any sailing knowledge or not, and can be a more affordable option than renting a yacht by yourself.


Why should I try a cabin cruise this year?

1.  No sailing experience needed!

Have you always dreamt of relaxing on board your own yacht, sailing the Mediterranean or Caribbean as the wind takes you… but then you remember that you haven’t the faintest idea how to sail, or maybe you have never even set foot on a boat before! Panic not – with a GlobeSailor cabin cruise you can still realise your dream of setting sail on a luxury yacht or catamaran as no sailing experience is required. Your professional captain and crew will be in charge of the boat and all steering and sailing on board, leaving you to sit back and relax.

However there is also the opportunity for you to learn some of the basics of sailing in a safe and controlled environment if you wish, listening and watching alongside your captain or skipper who will be more than happy to share his passion and pass on his sailing expertise.



2. All Inclusive Package

One of the main advantages of a cabin cruise is that it usually offers an all inclusive package, taking care of the cost of accommodation, food and most drinks and allows you the peace of mind to simply sit back and relax whilst on board. No need to worry about choosing where you might eat, or budgeting for unexpected costs during a holiday, this floating hotel of sorts caters for your every need on board and you can rest in the knowledge that you have paid for the majority of the costs upfront. This can be particularly attractive when one thinks of more exotic or far flung destinations where it may be hard to know what to expect and how to plan for your holiday from a financial point of view.


3. Allows you to easily discover exotic and far flung destinations

Following on from the previous point, a cabin cruise gives you the chance to explore some of the most breathtaking and unique destinations of the world, perhaps those beyond your usual imaginations or horizons. Travelling to more exotic locations usually takes considerable planning and a sense of adventure, however safe in the hands of local sailing experts, and onboard a crewed boat with a carefully planned itinerary you can easily explore new and exciting places. Furthermore many island nations such as the Seychelles, Indonesia or Thailand are hard to
access by plane or by local transport, so a sailing cruise is the perfect way to explore and discover secluded and untouched corners.



4. Sail alongside other passengers, perfect for couples

If you are a solo traveler, or perhaps a couple who loves meeting new people and forming new friendships whilst on holiday, then perhaps it is time you considered embarking on a cabin cruise. On board our boats you will sail alongside around 5-10 other passengers, often from across the world and of varying ages and nationalities, and so it is a fantastic way to enjoy a holiday with others, all whilst having the privacy and comfort of your own spacious cabin and private bathroom.


5. Take a private cruise with friends or family, escape on honeymoon or celebrate something special

Equally you may want to choose to take a private cruise, hiring the entire boat to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime with friends, family or as a couple. You will have the boat to yourself, with an excellent crew ready to respond to your needs and wishes. It is a unique and memorable way to celebrate a special birthday or just to treat your loved ones to a holiday with a difference. Our private cruises include a gulet in Croatia and in Komodo National Park or a catamaran in the British Virgin Islands. For your honeymoon you can escape and enjoy a cabin cruise in French Polynesia, Bora Bora, the Maldives, Bali or the Seychelles, we’ve got it all planned!


6. Escape the crowds, away from mass tourism

Tired of forcing your way along crowded promenades, struggling to find a spot on the beach or around the hotel pool? How does having a private boat deck, and your own access straight into the ocean sound? Don’t waste time fighting to beat the crowds, embark on a cabin cruise and you will be able to explore new places in complete relaxation, away from the masses and from a unique vantage point.


7.  Enjoy water sports such as paddle boarding and snorkeling with ease

No need to wait your turn or dodge the crowds when the ocean is your playground!  Most of our boats come well equipped with snorkeling gear and sometimes also a kayak or
paddle board, so it is the perfect opportunity to indulge in a spot of water sports while you are on board. You can dive right into the water straight from the back of the boat and swim or snorkel in some of the most beautiful reefs and marine areas in the world.

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