A LIFETIME OF FREE SAILING HOLIDAYS CONTESTOur winner talks about her first free sailing cruise!

Warning, if you tend to get envious, don’t read this article! 😊

Remember: Paris Boat Show “Nautic de Paris”… We have drawn the winner of our competition to enjoy a free sailing cruise every year… for LIFE.

Well, Fabienne, the lucky winner of this incredible competition, took her first free holiday this summer: a cabin cruise in Greece aboard a catamaran.

She shared with us her super photos and detailed cruise itinerary from Athens. Many thanks Fabienn for your feedback, which I’m sure will inspire many of our customers to set sail for Greece next summer too…

Day 1 – The nautical adventure in Greece begins

Our trip to Greece began in sunny Athens, where we arrived at 9.30am. The taxi took us to the Agios Kosmas Marina, where our getaway would start to take shape. At 3.30pm, the long-awaited moment finally arrived: we boarded our catamaran, a splendid Lagoon 42. Here we met Sandra, our charming hostess, who warmly welcomed us.

Then our adventures really began as we lifted anchor from the marina, accompanied by Kosta, our amazing skipper. Three hours of sailing awaited us, offering us a glimpse of the wonders of the Aegean Sea. Finally, we docked in the village of Perdika, on the island of Aegina. The port was packed, with no room for our boat on the pontoon. So, we improvised by mooring alongside another boat, which was itself moored to another… It was a sort of mille-feuille of boats!

The village consisted of a single street lined with bars and restaurants without interruption. Our evening was perfect, with a tasty meal in one of the tavernas, fresh seafood and Greek specialities, not forgetting the inevitable tzatziki. The Greek welcome was extremely warm, and the dinner was beautifully rounded off with a Greek-style limoncello offered by the owner. Our first night on board? Excellent! We slept like babies.

Day 2 – Sailing under the Greek sun

The second day began with a departure from the port at around 9am. We headed for Spetses, in bright sunshine. Along the way, we stopped at a cove for lunch and a swim. Sandra, our hostess, delighted us with a dish based on small pasta (Orzo), a Greek speciality, accompanied by marinated beef and a tomato sauce.

The afternoon continued with a peaceful sail and a swimming break in another cove, before we finally docked in the magnificent bay of Portocheli. The Lagoon 42’s tender took us back to dry land, where we shared a friendly meal with the other passengers on board the catamaran in a local tavern.

Day 3 – The whims of the weather at sea

Day three began in Portocheli after a hearty breakfast. We took advantage of a brief visit to town to stock up on aperitifs at the supermarket, while Kosta, our skipper, topped up the boat’s water tanks. Our destination was Spetses, but the fickle weather with strong winds changed our itinerary for the day. We continued our Greek sailing to a small, more sheltered bay, where we spent the rest of the day. The programme included swimming, paddle-boarding, canoeing, a hearty appetiser with Greek specialities bought in the morning at the Portocheli bakery, followed by a meal prepared by Sandra: flavoursome meatballs, mashed potatoes and a delicious Greek salad. In the late afternoon, we headed back to Spetses, but there was no room at the harbour because of the wind. Our skipper thought it safer to spend the night in Portocheli.

Day 4 – Towards new adventures

The next day, we had a briefing with Kosta and the other passengers to determine the new itinerary due to the wind conditions. In the end, we agreed to weigh anchor and discover the island of Hydra, which we had all been dreaming of. Before that, we stopped in a cove for a swim at Chinitsa, where we were lucky enough to meet a magnificent sea turtle.

After lunch, we set sail again for the island of Dokos, where we anchored for the night in a pretty cove protected from the winds. The boat was moored at the bow and stern for greater stability.

Day 5 – Hydra, a must-see island in the Saronic Gulf

Day five got off to an early start with our arrival in Hydra at around 8:30am. Finding a berth proved to be a real challenge, but we eventually managed to squeeze into the second line, with a third line of yachts behind us. We started the day with a stroll through the narrow streets of Hydra, an absolutely beautiful town. The steep streets were lined with charming flowers and the view of the bay and village from the heights is spectacular.

We strolled along the harbour, where pretty boutiques offer a variety of clothes, crockery, decorations and souvenirs to suit all tastes and budgets. Our walk ended with a visit to the island’s former abattoirs, converted into an artists’ residence, where Koons’ animated sun sculpture took pride of place on the roof.

After lunch on board the boat, we set off for another walk, a bit of shopping and a sunset exploration of the island. We followed the coastal path to a charming little fishing port, where we dined on the way back at an excellent restaurant recommended by Julie, our daughter, who knew the place well from her stopovers in Greece when she worked on Club Med 2. It was a pleasant night aboard our Lagoon 42 moored in Hydra.

Day 6 – Heading for Poros

On the sixth day, we left Hydra for Poros. Along the way, we made a stop at a small cove for swimming, paddle boarding and snorkelling. We then took a lunch break in Poros Bay, before finally docking. We visited the port and the old town of Poros, then returned to our boat. We had dinner at the ‘Poseidon’ restaurant opposite the boat, followed by an overnight stay at the quayside.

Day 7 – Return to shore

The last day on board brought a pleasant surprise: a magnificent cat appeared on the boat, wanting food. After leaving Poros, we headed for the island of Moni, where peacocks and deer roam freely. A final swim in crystal-clear water, before heading for the Athens marina to spend the last night onboard. What a wonderful sailing adventure in Greece! A great first for us, but we’re already looking forward to planning our next sailing cruise!

Thank you Fabienne for your feedback! We remain available to help you choose your next
departure in 2024!

Whether it’s your first adventure at sea or you’d like to book a yacht charter in Greece and sail with family or friends, contact us and cast off like Fabienne and let yourself be carried away by the magic of sailing!

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