5 Tips on What to Pack for a Yacht Charter

As your sailing holiday draws near, it’s time to start planning for this exciting nomadic adventure. To fully embrace the travelling lifestyle, it’s essential to prepare yourself with all the necessities to ensure you feel right at home on board. Keep in mind that space on the vessel is limited, so you’ll need to pack smartly and bring only the essentials that can fit in your cabin.

To fully enjoy the tranquility of your holiday and the freedom of being at sea, we’ve put together some useful tips to help you choose the right clothes and equipment for your sailing programme. Here are five valuable tips to help you pack smartly for your sailing trip.

1. A travel bag suitable for your programme

First of all, you should choose a bag suitable for a sailing holiday. As storage space is limited on board, choose soft luggage that you can easily slide into your cabin. Hard cases take up a lot of space and are difficult to manoeuvre in small spaces.

💡 Top tip: Inside your suitcase, store your belongings in bags (like a freezer bag) to protect them from humidity and moisture.

For your toiletries, choose a toiletry bag that can be hung up. They are convenient and won’t take up the limited space on your shelves.

Finally, for your activities on land, bring a small bag or backpack. If possible bring a waterproof backpack, as transfers in the dinghy can sometimes be wet.

Congrats! You have chosen your luggage. Now, you must decide what items to pack inside.

2. Appropriate clothing for your destination

During your trip, your programme will alternate between sailing, anchorages and stopovers on land. Make sure you have something to wear for each situation in your luggage. Take practical and comfortable clothes suitable for the climate of your destination. It’s not a fashion show! You’re better to bring clothes that will keep you warm and dry rather than impractical trendy clothes. The important thing is that you feel comfortable and are protected from the elements (water, sun, wind, rain) to ensure you enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

Whether you are going to the Caribbean, the Mediterranean or Polynesia, here is a list of the essentials to pack in your suitcase: 

  • soft, comfortable trousers,
  • shorts or Bermuda shorts,
  • lycra and t-shirts with long and short sleeves,
  • a windbreaker,
  • a sweater or a fleece depending on where you are sailing,
  • a cap or a hat,
  • an outfit of your choice for stopovers on land, 
  • a bathing suit and a sarong,
  • beachwear that dries quickly.

If you rent a boat for more sporty sailing or to destinations with cooler and wetter climates, add technical clothing to your checklist, such as: overalls, a sailing jacket, a pair of gloves, boots, breathable fabric underlays, etc. Do not hesitate to contact your booking advisor for more information on the climate of your destination.

3. Personal and practical belongings

Toiletry bag

We advise you to pack mosquito repellent, lip stick, patches, anti-seasickness pills or bracelets, ear plugs, toiletries in small containers. If you can, opt for natural and biodegradable products.

First Aid

All boats are equipped with a complete first aid kit. Take only the medication you need for everyday use with you.
💡 Top tip: for a particular prescription, bring a photocopy of the prescription if you need to stock up during the trip.

Relaxation and leisure

We suggest you pack a good book, a deck of cards, a notebook to write down your memories, a camera (with waterproof pouch), and for fishing enthusiasts, a trolling line. You can thus enjoy, unwind and fully appreciate the relaxing moments on board your yacht.

When finalising the inventory of your personal belongings, do not forget your valid passport or identity card!

4. Equipment useful for sailing

Whether you are going on a cabin cruise or chartering a yacht, you will need to bring useful equipment for sailing. 

For crewed cruises or rentals with skipper

When packing your suitcase for our crewed cruises, remember to pack a bag with practical equipment: a waterproof pouch for your smartphone, sunglasses, sun cream, a water bottle and a solar charger. They will be very useful for your daily life on board.

For yacht charters

If you are hiring a boat without a skipper, we recommend adding the following to your sailing kit: a headlamp, a lighter, a pair of multi-tool pliers (Leatherman type) and any other equipment that you may need on board. Make sure you have a harness and life jacket for each crew member, and check the first aid kit.

Do not forget the essential documents: 

  • your boating licence or yachting licence, 
  • your up-to-date nautical CV,
  • rent lease,
  • paper nautical charts,
  • guides: coastal pilot, marine block, Imray guide, 
  • navigation (Navionics, Windy, Navily, Savvy Navvy).

💡 Top tip: GlobeSailor partners with Savvy Navvy and Navily and offers you a premium subscription for any reservation.

5. Packing for a sailing trip with with children

Going on a sailing holiday with children is a truly unique experience. It’s an unforgettable family adventure that creates memories and strong bonds, however, it does comes with it’s own set of challenges! To make the most of it, here are some practical tips.

Life on board

Remember to take something to entertain the little passengers during the trip. Depending on the age of your little ones, put together a kit with entertainment and activities: felt-tip pens or coloured pencils, notebooks (functional to avoid loose pages), board games (there are travel-friendly versions), and some books, all in a bag that is easily accessible to everyone. For the budding adventurer, opt for the outdoor pack: binoculars, compass, diving mask, etc.


Don’t forget to pack enough changes of comfortable clothes that dry quickly. The evenings can be chilly and the sailing windy so bring clothes that you can layer easily. Opt for practical clothes and appropriate equipment: windbreaker, fabric cap, light neck warmer. 

Also think about the essential accessories to protect them from the sun: 

  • lycras for good sun protection,
  • sunglasses suitable for UV rays,
  • a cap,
  • a pair of closed shoes.


To cast off with peace of mind, you should have the necessary equipment to guarantee the safety of your children:

  • a life jacket ; 
  • a lanyard so that your toddler can attach themselves to the boat.

Contact your booking advisor to make sure you have the right equipment on board for your child’s age and weight.

To find out more: tips for sailing with children – Interview with Anne Laure Gahinet

Your suitcase is ready to go on a yacht charter! You haven’t forgotten anything. Thanks to our 5 tips, you are ready to embark on an unforgettable vacation. With suitable equipment and clothing, you fill in all the boxes for a successful sailing trip.