10 Reasons to Rent a Boat

Here are 10 reasons to get away on a cruise with your family or friends. Whether for a day for a fishing trip or a week long getaway for a family cruise, boat rental is expanding worldwide. Many charter bases propose boats from 8-9 meters to over 50 meters, with or without crew, for you to discover another country and culture in a different and original way.

If you are still not completely convinced, here are 10 reasons to rent a boat:

1.       Get away from the mass tourism to experience an extraordinary experience of freedom.

2.       Breathe in some fresh air.

3.       Discover fauna and aquatic flora of the most original destinations.

4.       Learn the basics of sailing.

5.       Be active and live in harmony with the nature.

6.       Improve your team spirit and relationships with friends and family.

7.       Play with dolphins that spin under the bow of your boat.

8.       Disembark in coves sometimes inaccessible from the land.

9.       Your choice of destinations is infinite: The Caribbean, Mediterranean, Baltic, Thailand…

10.     The yacht charter price per person is often cheaper than a hotel
or renting a villa

There are many other reasons to rent a sailboat for holidays, and no matter if you are an avid sailor or a beginner, our consultants will do their best to answer your questions and find you the perfect boat!

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