Sailing Indispensables Checklist

Here are some recommendations on how to pack and what to put in your bag that could be helpful on board. The success of your cruise will depend on your organization and preparation with your crew, as well.

  • Always chose a duffle bag versus a hard suitcase that clutters your cabin. Concerning the navigation, remember to slip a cruising guide in your bag and the official charts of the navigation area.

  • Sailboats for rent are usually equipped with the necessary guides and maps, but they may be in a language you don’t understand well, or damaged. So it is best to bring your own maps and to already have a route in mind, that you can validate with the base manager depending on the weather.
  • Do not forget your yacht charter contract, your skipper’s license (or any other navigational license), your train or plane tickets and your passport if necessary. Also, check with your bank that you can make the payment of the security deposit for the yacht by credit card imprint.

Make sure your credit card limit is high enough.

  • Each crew aboard your yacht should bring sunglasses, gloves, sunscreen, Biafine (or any other equivalent product for sunburns), headlamp, a warm waterproof jacket and non-slip footwear with white soles (white soles – in order not to leave marks on the boat). Depending on the destination, do not forget to bring a hat or your swimsuit!
  • Fishing equipment can be useful for fishing enthusiasts…
  • It is also useful to bring a good book or magazines to entertain yourself on board, either in the cabin or on deck while sunbathing!
  • Board games and cards can also be great for entertainment in the evenings while having a glass of wine in the cockpit or in the dinette while others are busy with cooking the catch of the day…

We wish you a pleasant cruise!

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