Working with a smaller budget?

If your budget is less than € 1,500 per week, there’s no need to worry! Here are some tips for achieving that cruise of your dreams.

The price depends, of course, on the size of the boat: Choosing a sailing yacht rather than a motorboat will decrease the price drastically.

To charter a yacht in low season, for example, is the best way to get the best price and an attractive discount. You will be able to rent a standard-sized monohull to sail the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and even the Caribbean! It remains to pay the airfare.

If you want charter in high season you should consider a cabin charter! Ideal for couples, as you will sail with other couples who, like you do not want to miss the pleasure of navigation. You will be taught basic manoeuvres by a captain and sailor, but you can always offer your help and learn all the tricks to become a better sailor. The cabin rental offers are often on catamarans, more comfortable and each cabin has its own bathroom.

Sailing with friends is not just an essential way to spend a good holiday, but also the best way to reduce the cost of renting the boat. Indeed, if you are a group of six or more people, you can rent a big boat in mid or high season without spending too much per person.

It is possible to sometimes receive an early booking discount on certain fleets if you book well in advance. So if you have dates in mind for your next sailing holiday in the future be sure to keep this in mind!

If instead you want to push your luck, you can always look for yacht charter offers and last minute deals. If the renters did not find a charterer for their boat, the prices will drop.

If you are looking to charter from a private boat owners be careful when it comes to insurance of the boat. You are not as  covered as when you go through a charter company. Try to find out in advance all info from the owner to avoid unpleasant surprises.  Also consider if the boat owner is able to provide other services such as provisioning and support in case
of emergency!

Using our search engine finally allows you to reduce your costs. Indeed, The GlobeSailor allows you to get in touch directly with the charter companies in a transparent way.

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