What to Expect at 2019’s Southampton International Boat Show

Britain’s biggest and best festival of boating is back again this year! The boat show showcases a plethora of exquisitely designed boats and products from over 600 global marine brands. Wander at ease in the late summer sun, enjoy the most beautiful yachts with the latest onboard technology. Try out kayaks, paddleboard, and sailing dinghies for free!

Save the date: 13-22 September 2019
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Here are some highlights of the show:

Admire the beauty of Shtandart

The frigate ‘Shtandart’ is a full-size replica of a ‘man’o’ war’ and was the flagship of the first Russian Baltic fleet. Construction of the original was personally directed by Peter the Great following his lengthy visits to Britain over several years where he studied the building of warships at the Royal Dockyards. The original Shtandart was launched in 1703. The replica was built in St-Petersburg and launched in 1999. The new vessel was built from the plans used for the original, and her exterior and interior faithfully recreate one of the most significant eighteenth-century ships. Visit Shtandart at berth M635.

Try a boat

Gliding through the waters for free in a high-speed RIB or float across the Solent. No matter if you are an experienced sailor or a rookie, anyone can have the chance to try out some of the best boats at the show. As always, this is one of the most popular attractions of the Southampton boat show, make sure you reserve the spot as soon as you arrive. The booking point is located in the Arena at stand A100.

Try a dive

Yes! You can dive on land. The Try-a-Dive pool is back for 2019 and even BIGGER! Borrow A Boat brought a 6m x 13m tank to the boat show, it offers a 15-20 minute diving sessions and can be booked at The Show. The best part of it,’ it’s free! All the equipment you need will be provided including a wetsuit, as well as an area to change into your diving kit. You can find the tank near the Sunseeker stand. Watch the video from 2018!

Mini cruise

Get a full-on experience with sundecks, bars, and loos on this free mini cruise! Departing the Marina twice an hour. The Ocean Scene will take visitors for a mini cruise around Southampton Boat Show for free. It’s an excellent opportunity to see the show from an entirely different angle.

Hear what do the professionals say

There are many exciting speeches that you can listen to. Sam Llewellyn will talk about life, the sea, nurturing older boats and the importance of agricultural engineers in a marine refit. Max Liberson will speak about the Boat They Laughed At. Trans-Atlantic exploits on a 45ft concrete yacht he bought for £1500. Find the full schedule here.

Visit the legendary Gipsy Moth IV

Gipsy Moth IV is the vessel that Sir Francis Chichester used to be the first person to solo-circumnavigate the globe in 1966/67 at the age of 65. It was his trip that inspired the Golden Globe Race of 1968 and according to Sir Ben Ainslie “Gipsy Moth IV and Sir Francis Chichester was the grandfather of all single-handed ocean racing.”

Explore Gipsy Moth IV at this year’s Southampton International Boat Show, powered by Borrow a Boat. Find her on the Marina at berth M705.

Say Hi to GlobeSailor

As always, GlobeSailor and our yacht charter professional advisors will be at J111 at the Ocean Hall! Find our booth and have a chat with us.

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