Why Charter a Yacht in Croatia; the ‘Land of a Thousand Islands’? 

The Charm of Croatia 

The benefits of chartering a yacht in Croatia are numerous! Croatia offers a diverse range of attractions, from beautiful beaches and delicious seafood to stunning marinas and crystal clear waters. With its rich history, vibrant nightlife, and countless islands to explore, this destination truly has something for everyone.

The following article will detail the country’s accessibility, sailing distances and conditions, sailing season, marinas, mooring, and anchoring. We hope that we convince you to take your next yacht charter in Croatia!

Accessibility  ✈️

Croatia is one of the most popular sailing destinations in Europe, as well as one of the most accessible and well-connected! The country boasts several airports that are directly linked to major European cities, no need to venture far to reach your yacht charter!

If you are looking to set sail in Croatia midweek, certain charter companies offer Wednesday-to-Wednesday charters. Escaping the crowds, benefiting from cheaper prices, and possibly getting on board earlier- what more could you wish for?

The glimmering Dalmatian Coast and the majestic Adriatic Sea is an accessible sailing destination for all. Family sailing holidays in Croatia are known to be among the safest and friendliest in the Mediterranean region!


Split Airport

Split Airport is located outside of the historic town of Kaštela in Central Dalmatia. The town is accessible, with a railway station at Kaštel Stari and motorway access at Prgomet and Vučevica.

Begin your yacht charter in Croatia from the nearby Marina Kastela, steeped in medieval heritage and surrounded by spectacular views. Take a taxi or a bus to Split or Trogir, to start your yacht charter to some of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful islands and islets.

Dubrovnik Airport

Nestled in the heart of southern Dalmatia, Dubrovnik Airport is the perfect place to begin your yacht charter holiday. ACI Marina Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful marinas in Croatia, is located just 22km from the airport. Take a bus to the historic walled city of Dubrovnik, followed by a local bus to the magnificent marina. If you are eager to reach your boat quickly, you can take a taxi directly to the marina.

Pula Airport

Pula Airport serves as the gateway to the stunning Istria peninsula and its surrounding area. To reach the charming town of Pula, located 7km away, you can get a shuttle bus from the airport or take a taxi. Charter a yacht in Pula, located across from Italy and discover its unique Venetian charm. Take a taxi to the marina in the romantic town of Rovinj, your yacht charter in Croatia awaits!

Zadar Airport

Zadar airport is at the heart of the Adriatic coastline, the perfect location to fly into for your yacht charter holiday from Zadar, Sibenik, Primosten or Rogoznica. The airport is located 11km from the city of Zadar and close to many marinas in the surrounding areas, reachable by bus or taxi.

Do not hesitate to contact your GlobeSailor advisor if you would like to organise a private transfer from the airport to your boat.

Wednesday-to-Wednesday Charters

Explore the stunning Croatian coastline and take advantage of the option to book Wednesday-to-Wednesday charters! Enjoy the benefit of reduced fares by taking flights scheduled earlier in the week, as they are typically more affordable compared to those on Thursday to Saturday.

Starting your yacht charter in Croatia on a Wednesday, you can experience a less crowded marina check-in and have the opportunity to board your vessel earlier, as there will be fewer boats present. An opportunity to discover crystal-clear waters, beautiful beaches and charming coastal villages and towns without the usual crowds!

Looking for more information about Wednesday to Wednesday charters?

Sailing as a Family

With its beautiful beaches, Mediterranean climate, and abundance of activities, Croatia is a top pick for family sailing holidays, with young children and teenagers alike! Croatia’s coastline boasts a multitude of family friendly stopovers, from secluded coves to historic towns, there is something for everybody!

The gentle breezes and calm waters of the Adriatic provide a safe sailing place for family yacht charters. There are a myriad of islands and national parks to discover, to keep the whole family entertained. Croatia’s welcoming atmosphere and wealth of attractions make it the ideal location for a family sailing adventure.

Convenient and Close Sailing Distances

With over fifty marinas dotted along the Croatian coast, the sailing distances are convenient and close. In fact, the sailing distances between marinas are rarely more than ten nautical miles! This reduces your fuel costs and puts excellent amenities at your fingertips. There will be no long and exhausting crossings, you can truly relax on your yacht charter in Croatia!

One-Way Options 

Some Croatian yacht charter companies provide unique one-way options that are not found in other sailing destinations in the Mediterranean. This allows you to save on transportation costs and explore two stunning regions along the Dalmatian coast in the one sailing trip. You can start your yacht charter from Split and end it in Dubrovnik, both destinations have well-connected airports to other European countries. For further details on one-way charters, contact our expert advisors.

Marinas, Mooring and Anchoring


Croatia is renowned for its magnificent marinas and excellent sailing infrastructure. It boasts over 50 marinas, of which almost half are owned by the state and go by the abbreviation ‘ACI’.

These marinas offer excellent facilities, including showers, bathrooms, electricity, restaurants, shops, and cafes. Some of the marinas even have nightclubs, swimming pools, and other amenities! Spend the first night of your yacht charter in Croatia at the marina and take advantage of these amazing amenities.

This incredible sailing infrastructure means there are a wide range of boats available for charter. Whether it be a sailboat, catamaran, motorboat, gulet or luxury yacht that you are looking for, Croatia has the boat for you!


If you’re looking to steer clear of busy marinas, mooring buoys are an excellent choice. Along the Croatian coast, you’ll find buoys scattered throughout secluded coves and harbours. The cost of mooring will depend on the location and the facilities available.

If you choose buoy mooring for your yacht charter in Croatia, you can usually enjoy essential amenities such as electricity and fresh water. It’s advisable to make your booking in advance, especially during peak season, as these spots tend to fill up quickly! To discover favourable mooring spots, take advantage of the Navily app, included as part of your GlobeSailor booking advantages.


The Croatian coastline and the Adriatic Sea are renowned for their rich blue waters, sheltered coves, picturesque islands and amazing anchorages. From the stunning natural beauty of the Dalmation coast to the enchanting Kvarner region, there is an abundance of anchorages for you to discover. You can even find free anchoring spots for your next yacht charter in Croatia! We have chosen two of our favourites to tell you about below.

Istria West, Luka Dajla 

In the western part of Istria lies the charming town of Umag. Just 5 nautical miles south of Umag, you can anchor in the serene Bay of Dajla, where anchoring is permitted year-round and free of charge. There are also buoys available (free in the off season). Set sail from the historic city of Pula, to discover this hidden gem on the Croatian coast.

Hvar, Luka Vrboska 

If you are beginning your yacht charter in Croatia from Trogir, Split, or Solta, we highly recommend anchoring in Luka Vrboska Bay, situated on the stunning island of Hvar. The bay provides excellent shelter for a peaceful stay. After you drop anchor, you’ll be in the perfect position to explore the charming village of Vrboska, located just 30 minutes from the coast. Enjoy the delicious local cuisine at traditional seafood tavernas.

Find the best anchoring spots for your yacht charter in Croatia with the guidance of the Navily app, included in your GlobeSailor booking advantages!

Sailing Conditions 🌊

Wind Conditions

From September to June, Croatian winds are mild to moderate, with occasional storms. The winds are calmer in July and August, the average wind speeds are lower than other popular Mediterranean sailing destinations. During high pressure systems, the Adriatic displays the typical patterns of daytime winds from the sea and nighttime winds from the land.

The majority of weather patterns in the Adriatic are determined by two winds, the bora (bura) and sirocco (siroko). In general, they blow from October to April. The burin and maestral winds must also be considered, particularly in the summertime. The burin blows from the mainland, and the maestral blows from the sea.

Weather Conditions

Croatia has a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild, humid winters. In the winter, temperatures in coastal areas range from 5°C to 9°C, and sea temperatures sit at about 12°C. The summertime brings temperatures of between 26°C and 35°C, and sea temperatures can reach as high as 28°C.

For more experienced sailors, there is a pleasant warmth and stronger winds in the spring and autumn.

We recommend that you check the wind and weather conditions while on your yacht charter holiday, made easy with exclusive GlobeSailor advantages, Meteo Consult Zen and Savvy Navvy. 

Long Sailing Season 🗓️

The sailing season in Croatia runs from April to October, making it the perfect sailing destination for all types of sailors. Whether you like the challenge of navigating strong winds in April and October, want to spend some time on quieter waters in May and September, or enjoy warm weather to swim and relax in the summer months, a yacht charter in Croatia offers it!


If you are looking for a quieter sailing experience, charter a yacht in Croatia in April or May. April is a good time for sailors who embrace strong and steady winds. However, the sea temperature is quite cold for swimming. We recommend sailing during the day and spending the evenings exploring charming cities and quaint towns—a chance to enjoy the country’s authentic beauty.

In May, the weather will be getting warmer, winds will remain steady, and Croatia will be becoming busier. This is a great time to sail if you are looking for cheaper prices than at other times of the year.  

High Season  

The high season begins in late June and continues until the end of August. Croatia’s coast becomes livelier in June, with warm seas and long days attracting sailing enthusiasts. The area is not overly busy, and the sea temperatures are ideal for swimming.

In July, experience a bustling Croatia with the sun shining, sparkling warm seas, and gentle winds. If you are planning a yacht charter in Croatia in July, we recommend a professional skipper, to give you recommendations for quieter stopovers so you can wholly enjoy the sea and its activities.

August is the busiest month of the year on Croatian shores. The wind is gentle, the air is warm, and the sea is the perfect swimming temperature. If you plan on sailing in August, a skipper with local knowledge of the destination is also recommended!

Contact one of our expert advisors to organise a skipper for your yacht charter in Croatia.

Post Season  

September is a great time to sail in Croatia. The crowds are beginning to depart, and the weather and seas remain warm. The only downside is that the days are becoming shorter.

For those looking to avoid the crowds as much as possible, charter a yacht in Croatia in October. Sailing experience is required for a bareboat charter at this time, as there are strong and steady winds. The sea is getting colder, but it’s still suitable for swimming.  

Charter a Yacht in Croatia! ☀️

Croatia offers an unparalleled sailing experience. From the ease of accessibility to the close sailing distances, Croatia caters to both seasoned sailors and novices alike. The long sailing season, from April to October, ensures an abundance of opportunities to sail the glistening blue waters of the Adriatic. From well-equipped marinas, a multitude of mooring options and picturesque anchoring spots, a yacht charter in Croatia will not disappoint!

Set sail to Croatia for your next yacht charter holiday!