The Top Croatian Islands you must visit this summer!

Croatia, the destination of choice of any keen sailor. Its islands offer a variety of landscapes and secrets to discover, and the prospect of a secluded and hidden cove to make your own. Paired with the exceptional local hospitality and gastronomy, and you have the ingredients for a perfect Mediterranean escape. This summer, charter a yacht in Croatia or embark on one of our cabin cruises with crew and head in discovery of the jewels of the Adriatic!

1. Vis

Up until the mid 1990s this island was an army base and off limits to visitors. Since then it has been opened up to the world and has seen a surge in popularity and tourism, perhaps it is no surprise as it boasts some of the most beautiful beaches, has delicious sea food restaurants and an irresistible laid-back charm!


2. Korcula

Korcula is a green haven, covered in olive groves and thick woods of aleppo pine, coastal pine, black pine and cypress amongst others. Stroll the pretty winding streets within the walls of the town, and be transported back in time, or charter a yacht in Korcula and visit some of the secluded coves and bays.



3. Hvar

Perhaps the most glamorous and glitzy of the islands, the port and bars of this island are not unfamiliar to the likes of Prince Harry and Beyonce. Enjoy the wonderful atmosphere by night and by day relax on some of its exceptional beaches and marvel at the beautiful architecture of its well preserved towns.



4. Mljet 

Unique and enchanting, this island is known for its beautiful lakes – Veliko Jezero and Malo Jezero (Big Lake and Small Lake) and the 12th century Benedictine monastery which is perched on an island in the middle of Veliko Jezero.


5. Brac  

Did you know that the white stones from this island were used to build the White House in Washington? Come and visit its famous beach Zlatni Rat, a unique triangular shaped stretch of sand extending out into the blue waters of the Adriatic.



6. Pag

The island of Pag has recently attracted visitors due to its parties and nightlife, but it is also home to some beautiful examples of the local culture, such as the UNESCO protected lacework tradition on the island. You should equally try some of its cheese and excellent olive oil!



7. Rab 

Picturesque, idyllic, the orange roofed buildings of the beautiful town of Rab must be seen to be believed. The four bell towers of the town are said to depict a ship with 4 masts. Many beautiful beaches await, surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Adriatic sea. A yacht charter in Rab is the perfect way to explore this wonderful corner of Croatia.



8. Losinj 

Escape the crowds on the stunning island of Losinj. It does not boast the same cultural prestige as Dubrovnik or Split but it has an inviting charm, and can offer you a taste of true Croatian village life. It is also the reputable island of ‘wellness’, with many excellent spas waiting to help you truly unwind.



9. Cres 

One of the largest but least developed of the islands, it reveals a wild and rugged landscape which is the breeding ground of a rare species of falcon. Explore this sparsely inhabited island, visit the beautiful ancient towns, including Cres town itself and its pretty coloured houses overlooking the harbour.



10. Silba 

Silba is the perfect example of an untouched and unspoilt island – no cars are allowed and there is even a ban on bicycles during the summer months. Come here to find a secluded beach or cove, unknown and unreached by the average tourist.

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