The Canary Islands – Winter Sun within easy reach!

Often we think we have to travel to the other side of the world to enjoy some winter sunshine; in the Seychelles, the Maldives or the Antilles. This would require a long haul flight and a large budget! However the GlobeSailor has found the perfect solution – quicker and more affordable, yet still allowing you to escape the winter chill and enjoy a relaxing holiday under the sun, the Canary Islands are the perfect place for a yacht charter!


Warm and sunny all year round!

Even in winter the temperatures do not drop below 20°C on average, and they can rise to 30°C. In fact today (17th October) it is currently 23°C! The Canary Islands enjoy a subtropical climate and on each of the islands of this
archipelago it truly feels like summer no matter what time of year it is! The
water temperature varies from 19°C in February to 24°C in October, so water sports fans can leave behind their winter wet suits!

A sailor’s paradise

Say goodbye to flat and calm waters, the Canary Islands are the perfect place to enjoy a spot of wind surfing or reach new speeds on your boat! These islands lie in the path of the trade winds which blow all year round. You will experience the Harmattan, a dry and hot wind which comes from the Sahara if you sail along the Eastern coast of this archipelago. The ports are very well equipped and will ensure you enjoy a relaxing stopover. With 7 islands and 4 islets stretching over 500 km2, the Canary Islands offer numerous beautiful spots to drop your anchor!

At an affordable price

At £180 on average for a return flight in under 5 hours from the UK, you can enjoy a taste of summer in the middle of February! You can rent a catamaran or sailing boat with the GlobeSailor for only 100€ to 200€ per person for a week, depending on the dates and type of boat. Why not treat yourself to some of the luxury extras on board and truly make the most of the many things these islands have to offer!


Prized port-of-call

During the winter season many boaters make a stop-over in the Canary Islands, before setting out across the Atlantic. In Las Palmas or Santa-Cruz on the island of Tenerife you will come across lots of sailors making their final preparations and waiting for their window of opportunity to set sail across the ocean. They make the most of the resources, provisions and most of all the company of other sailors, before facing 3 weeks at high sea! You will find they are more than happy to let you on board their boat, and love nothing more than passing on some of their knowledge and sharing tales of their daring experiences at sea!

Practical Info

The local Tourist Office website is very informative and will give you a good idea of what you can enjoy when you visit the Canary Islands. Keep up to date with the weather forecast and daydream whilst at your office desk, by checking out the 250 webcams placed around the archipelago! Why not book your sailing holiday in the Canary Islands today? Simply head to our website,

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