GlobeSailor has hoisted its sails for a week’s sailing in the Cyclades

We tell you everything (or almost everything 😊)!

Lavrio, the ideal base for sailing in the Cyclades

Just a 30-minute taxi ride from Athens airport, Lavrio is the perfect starting point for yacht rental in the Cyclades.   

Here you’ll find a wide choice of catamarans and monohulls managed by our trusted charter partners. The boats are divided between two marinas, Lavrio Port and the Olympic Marina.   

The port in Lavrio is the public port. It has the advantage of being right in the heart of  town, with direct access to the shops for supplies and the many tavernas for traditional Greek food. Don’t miss the tavern “To Steki Tou Mina”! This is Greek cuisine at its best, and it’s located just five minutes from the marina! The vegetables are fresh, the fish delicious, and the atmosphere is guaranteed by Mina, always flanked by his long grey beard and his mischievous look when you ask him to help you choose from among the thirty or so Ouzos on offer… 

Olympic Marina is Lavrio’s private marina. It’s a 5-minute taxi ride from the centre of Lavrio. It’s a modern, pleasant and well-protected marina, with a mini-market, restaurant and bar. 

A sneak preview of our sailing!

After spending our first night at the foot of the Acropolis in Athens, we set sail the next day from Lavrio aboard an Oceanis 45

Here’s our crew!

Florian tries to blur the lines with his Hawaiian shirt, it is actually Greece that we are sailing in, and it’s obvious that everyone is delighted with the destination 😊!

On the first day, we headed for the island of Kythnos for a crossing of around 5 hours to cover the 25 miles separating us from the anchorage at Ormos Kolona. With this small sand beach isthmus linking the two islands, the setting is idyllic! The Kolona restaurant overlooking the anchorage offered us a first-rate refuge to savour the sunset. 

The next day we set sail for the island of Syros, the capital of the Cyclades, and after a beautiful 5h30 sail we drop anchor in front of the charming port of Foinika in the south-west of the island.  

Just by chance, our arrival coincided with a regatta in the Cyclades, and the evening at the Baobab bar, which serves excellent cocktails, was teeming with festive atmosphere. 

The next day, we took a bus to the town of Ermoupoli. This town is well worth a visit, as it bears little resemblance to the whitewashed villages you’ll find elsewhere in the Cyclades. Here, you can stroll through neoclassical architecture, colourful mansions and embrace a cosmopolitan atmosphere. 

The following day we set course for Kea and took advantage of the sheltered anchorage of Otzias to the north-east of the island. The water is transparent, as it is in many well-protected anchorages, and we were happy to take the opportunity for a well-deserved swim. In October, the water temperature is still 25 degrees. The two Bretons and the Englishman in our crew are over the moon…  

In the afternoon, we hired a car to take us to the spectacular village of Ioulida, perched high on a mountain, home to the famous Lion of Kea

On our final day, we head back north to Cape Sounion

As the Temple of Poseidon looms in the distance, we haul in a bonito from our fishing line! Poseidon smiled upon us! With just enough time to prepare the fish in the oven, the sun sets and the moon appears above the temple overlooking our anchorage and our cruise is given the most picturesque of endings. 

We have fond memories of sailing in the Cyclades and hope to return as soon as possible! A big thank you to Christos from South Sea Sail for his welcome, his advice, his kindness and his laughs😊! 

Beautiful anchorage at Ormos Kolona, with its famous strip of sand which connects the two islands!
Ermoupoli and its unique atmosphere – enjoy strolling between its neoclassical buildings, its old mansions and its numerous churches.
Ioulida, a superb hilltop village in the Cyclades, is worth the detour. Be warned, it’s a workout for your calves with all that climbing!
Poseidon watching over our last anchorage!

Our advise for a successful cruise in the Cyclades:

Choose your season carefully and take time to consider your itinerary. 

During July and August, there’s the chance (or risk) that you may encounter Meltemi winds. These powerful winds can reach forces 6, 7 or even 8 (but this is less common). The more sporty sailors among us will see this as an opportunity for vigorous sailing, but for the majority of us (we are starting to know you quite well…), we will prefer to sunbathe on deck with a beautiful light breeze, rather than being tossed around on the roller coaster of the sea. 

Consider hiring the services of a skipper and/or hostess cook to ensure a 100% relaxing cruise. 

If you cannot enjoy the Cyclades in May, June, September or October, we advise you to keep a flexible itinerary to adapt to possible episodes of Meltemi. 

A cruise of two or three weeks (or more for the lucky ones) also allows greater flexibility and leisurely stops around one of the 250 islands in the archipelago

To establish the ideal itinerary, modify it easily, and find the most beautiful anchorages, we recommend two applications: Navily – this is a community-based application referencing anchorages, and Savvy Navvy which is an application for your route calculations, cartography and weather. And just by chance, GlobeSailor offers you these two premium applications free of charge for one year when you make a reservation!

Otherwise, discover our three sailing itineraries in Greece during our webinar presented by Clément, our GlobeSailor expert on the destination, and Francesco, a great local skipper found on the Capt’n Boat application! 

Venture inside the islands… 

We invite you to explore the interior of these splendid islands, each of which has a strong identity. Stroll with pleasure in the small streets of “postcard” villages, with an impressive number of chapels, small sparkling white houses, terraced valleys where vines and olive trees are in abundance… Some villages are accessible on foot from your anchorage but it may be wise to rent a car or scooter given the distance and sometimes the altitude difference. 

In summary … 

The Cyclades are a must for a sailing holiday. They will delight gourmets, aesthetes, history buffs, contemplatives, sports enthusiasts… Each island in this archipelago has its own character. Which one will win your heart: Amorgos, Mykonos, Antiparos, Tinos…? We leave the decision to you…