Cabin Cruises Explained by a Tourism Professional  

Marie, our cruise expert, will answer all your questions about cabin cruises! After graduating with a degree in tourism, Marie worked in London and Paris as a travel agent for 15 years. She joined GlobeSailor in 2021 to accompany our travelers and boaters in the booking and organisation of their cruise

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What is a “cabin cruise”? 

The concept is very simple: you share a boat (and crew) with other passengers. You book a cabin (with a bathroom) as you would on a cruise ship. However, you won’t find yourself amongst hundreds of passengers, but just a privileged few. On average, there are 8 to 12 passengers.  

The perfect couple’s getaway, these cabin cruises are also suitable for friends and small families. Nautical skills are not required! Your professional skipper will take care of the navigation and maneuvers on the boat. Enjoy a unique holiday experience! 

Cabin cruises are usually offered at half or full board. A hostess/ cook will look after the menus and meals, as well as ensuring you have a comfortable stay.  

The boats are often catamarans (Lagoon 620, Lagoon 52, etc.), equipped for your every need, but we also offer experiences on board monohulls or sailboats. In the latter case, unfortunately a hostess is not always available. All the necessary information is present in our offers and quotes sent to customers. 

Why choose GlobeSailor? 

For over 15 years, our team has been working in the nautical industry and GlobeSailor is the leading agency in this sector. We are the only company to bring together nautical experts and tourism professionals. This ensures excellent customer service, whatever the customers’ nautical experience, budget and desires.  

Who will I share my boat with? 

It is understandable that some customers may be apprehensive about sharing a boat with strangers for a week. If the information becomes available to us, we can give you details about other passengers, their nationality and perhaps their age. Some cruises do not allow children, while others are more family friendly. In my experience, we have had many more cabin cruise clients that become friends and then decide to journey on a privatised cruise together, than do not get along. Most passengers are open-minded and relaxed, leading to a pleasant atmosphere. The boats are spacious enough for you to enjoy some private time, and at stopovers everyone is free to enjoy their own free time or spend it with others. 

Where can I travel to on a cabin cruise? 

Everywhere! We work with more than 60 partners in more than 30 destinations worldwide. Enjoy a winter Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas, Cuba, the British Virgin Islands or the Grenadines. Explore the Indian Ocean, from the Malidives to the Seychelles, via Indonesia and the dream destination of Polynesia. We also offer more unique cabin cruise experiences in destinations such as South Africa, Norway or the Galapagos islands.  

How much does it cost? 

There is a price to suit a range of budgets! The cost is of course dependent on the destination, the season, the boat and the level of comfort desired. The average price is between €900 and €2500 per person. This rate includes the meals and service provided by the crew, but often not the cashbox (from €150 to €250 / person in cash) to pay for the berths, fuel, and other expenses on board.  

Flights or transfers are not included in this price. 

Marie’s Favourite Cruises 

Top 3 Cruises:  

Top 3 Unique Cruises:

  1. The Grenadine Islands

⛵ Catamaran Ipanema 58  

🍴 Full board 

📍 Departing from Martinique  

  1. Montenegro

⛵ Gulet Hande

🍴 Half board

📍 Departing from Porto Montenegro

  1. The South of Thailand

⛵ Catamaran Lagoon 620 

🍴 Full board  

📍 Departing from Phuket 

  1. Tanzania

⛵ Catamaran Leopard 48

🍴 Full board

📍 Departing from Zanzibar

  1. The Seychelles

⛵ Catamaran Lagoon 620 

🍴 Full board  

📍 Departing from Mahé

  1. Polar Expedition in Alaska

⛵ Gulet Qilak

🍴 Full board

📍 Departing from Alaska