GlobeSailor Team Building at the Vendée Globe

It already seemed clear; all we wanted to do was prove
to ourselves one last time that we are capable of the best. Those who undertake
this epic sailing challenge claim they are just ordinary men, but to us they are giants,
legends. Onboard Kriter VIII, the GlobeSailor team took part in this nautical
dance which accompanied 29 skippers during the start of the 8th
edition of the Vendée Globe. An
incredible 48 hours which marks the start of a 3 month long adventure.


The start of the Vendée:

We were lucky enough to be
at the start of the Vendée Globe: it was amazing!
It’s hard to put into words how incredible the atmosphere was, and the tangible
excitement and anticipation which could be felt all around Port Olonna. Onboard
Kriter VIII, our team admired the majestic outlines of the IMOCA boats which bobbed
about amidst the many other vessels and crowds of spectators who came in their
thousands to cheer them on.

Watching each boat cross the start line at great
speed, we tried to imagine how they must have felt and set off in their wake. In
their position we would be have been very anxious, not possessing their resolve
in the face of such a treacherous journey alone on the waves. But we too would
still be excited at the prospect; it’s intense, exhilarating, technical, challenging,
and as appealing as it is frightening! There is nothing quite like navigating
alone on the ocean to make you feel truly alive!


LIVE from Port Olonna

We wanted to be at the heart of the action and
experience the start of the Vendée Globe in the true spirit of the
event, so we decided to rent a boat from Cap au Cap Location, one of our partners in La Rochelle. The Kriter
VIII welcomed onboard 15 GlobeSailor team members, comprising 6 different
nationalities, 11 men, 4 women, and a highly qualified skipper with plenty of
stories and insights to share on the world of racing and its competitors.
Thierry made our weekend even more enjoyable; he happily answered all our
questions and he carefully guided us on this mythical stretch of water, while
still allowing us the freedom to choose where we wanted to go! We controlled
the Kriter VIII as a team and it was a real pleasure to share this experience
together under such intense sailing conditions: on Saturday, on board a fast,
legendary racing boat, in rocky waters and against 25 knots of wind, with 60
nautical miles between us and the Ile of Yeu, it really tested what we were
made of! On Sunday morning, after an ideal cruise and with downwinds of 12
knots under genoa, we were on cloud nine, and experienced the sheer joy which a
great sailing trip brings, only to then be treated to the incredible start of
the Vendée!  A huge thank you to Cap au
Cap Location
who enabled us to enjoy this incredible experience!


Support Team

Equally as impressive as the sight of the 29 giant
sails flying through the water, was the support of the public. Amongst all the
suppport, the help of sponsors is vital; not only in terms of their financial
aid, but in terms of the moral support they provide for the competitors. The
employees of PRB have spent a lot of time with Vincent Riou and his boat during
his preparations and they follow all his races very closely, sharing in both
his high points and low points. The photo above shows their close connection
with their competitor and highlights how through him they can all share in this
incredible adventure. As a GlobeSailor team we dream of one day being able to
raise the flag of our own competitor, he or she sporting our colours and
allowing us to dream the impossible… watch this space! In the meantime,
relive the best moments of the weekend on our Facebook or Instagram!

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